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About Danielle DeNicola

Welcome to the League of Draven Danielle!

Who Am I?
I'm on team RavenclawHordeAir Nation, and Xbox
I cosplay, model, stream, play video games, listen to the same playlist as I did in 2002. and re-watch Avatar TLA every few months, religiously.  

What Do I Do?

My favorite part of cosplay is making props and armor (Worbla is my weapon of choice), but I still try my hand at sewing and smaller costumes in between the big ones~

I also love modeling and tapping into a character's sexuality like my favorite fan art~

What Will You Get With My Patreon?

All of my Patrons will have monthly digital and physical rewards, exclusive opportunities to put input into my next cosplay, access to a private Discord server, boudoir sets, etc.! ♥ See which tier is right for you by reading the tier description ♥

Alright team, let's grab Baron and push for the win~
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Community Game Nights!! 
Like movie nights, but this time we set aside a day to play multiplayer games together. 
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