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Digest your prey with sulfuric needles, and my thanks.
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Vaporize your enemies with a megawatt particle beam, and my thanks.
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  • 1 new chapter of the alternate history/scifi novel, The World's Other Side per month (exclusive)
  • Live Q&A on Zoom (once per month, scheduled, sometimes with guests, limit to 12 people per session. If more people want to come, we'll have more Q&A sessions)(exclusive)
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  • Free ebook of Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen (a time-travel romance with barbarians dinosaurs)
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Devour entire habitats with your mighty proboscuis, and my thanks.
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  • Everything in Tiers 1 and 2 and...
  • Commission a short story, essay, or picture (digital).
  • Invitation to a private hangout on Zoom (once per month; we'll find a time that works).
  • Any new books published, signed and mailed to you with a thank-you note (average 1 per year).
  • A bit part or a creature of your design in a novel or short story (1 per patron).




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About Daniel M. Bensen

I'm Daniel M. Bensen, and I write science fiction, fantasy and alternate history. You might have read my novels Junction and Interchange, comic book First Knife, or the Sidewise Award-winning short story "Treasure Fleet." You might even remember the Speculative Dinosaur Project. What ties my work together is world-building. Speculative biology, constructed Languages, and magical systems – I love them.

My adult life has been trying to find ways to fit creativity around the rest of my life. I started writing seriously at about the same time I started teaching English, and I've kept writing as I moved to Bulgaria, had two kids, developed and then recovered from cancer. At this point, my process reliably churns out one newsletter, one short story, and about one-twelfth of a novel per month. It was very gratifying (in fact, it was sanity-preserving) to figure out how to do that, but it would be even better if somebody read any of the these things I keep making.

I decided to try out Patreon as a way of getting all my fans together in one place so I could make things for them.

What can I make for you?
$27.90 of $1,000 per month
If I make this much, it will allow me to write the sequel to Interchange. It will be called Terminus.
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