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About Daniel Willcocks

Welcome, dear reader...

to my nightmare factory...
I assume that you've found your way to my patron page because you are a fan of the dark and the deadly, the mystic and the strange? Many travellers seek to understand the pull of horror fiction, but there are few who are brave enough to look beyond the horror, pull down the curtain and discover the mad minds behind the words.

And yet, here you are. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Daniel Willcocks, creator of dark fiction. My life has been committed to exploring the darkened alleyways that the common people refuse to navigate. I have written novels, novellas and almost 100 short stories which place the forbidden and horrific under the microscope.

And now, I offer myself for examination.

What you can expect:

Of course, no exchange leaves a person empty-handed. By becoming a patron of my work and supporting my deep dives into the art of dark fiction, you will be handsomely rewarded. Full rewards are listed in the right-hand column of this page, but here's what gets  me excited:
• Regular injections of horror •
you will receive a unique, never posted before short story every month

• Get your hands dirty •
each month I will offer the subject of the story out to YOU for consideration. Suggest characters, offer new themes, give feedback. Be a LIVE process of the creation of horror

• Look beneath the microscope •
gain an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a full-time horror creative, as well as monthly Q&As

• Unlock the ebook library •
get instant access to free downloads of all previous work.

Join us on the other side

The water's warm. The creatures are subdued. Pick a pledge tier on the right hand side and come on in. I promise nothing more than the darkest of horrors and the best of communities. 
And we're nothing without you.
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