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About Danielle Vedovelli

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Hello there and welcome to my Patreon page! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤

I'm Danielle Vedovelli, a brazilian cosplayer, model and content creator! ❤
I started cosplaying at the end of 2013 and my life has changed completely since then. Some years later I started doing some modeling photoshoots as well! 
I’m a huge martial arts lover and used to be a 2nd gub Taekwondist (WTF), but I got injured so currently I’m still on hiatus. Hoping to come back in the future! 
I’m also a german shepherd mom so you may see some dog posts around here.

Patreon is a subscription-based platform where you can pledge a certain amount in order to get exclusive rewards! I want this page to be a mutually beneficial platform for me and everyone who decides to sign up! So I’m always paying attention to your suggestions and new ideas. Every bit helps me on continuing to pursue my dreams and to dedicate myself 100% to what I do today, so I’m forever thankful from the bottom of my heart! ❤
I’d like to let clear that you don’t have to sign up to Patreon at all! I will continue to post free content on all my other platforms. There are also several ways to show support to my work, either by following me on social media, leaving nice comments, sharing my photos, getting to meet me at a con, sending me a letter, etc. EVERYTHING is much appreciated!

All rewards are listed in a column on the right of the page, but in short, even $1 grants you access to some exclusive content that I won’t be sharing everywhere else! Patreon ALWAYS gets priority on releasing dates and number of pictures as well, which means I will be sharing full high quality photoshoots ONLY here and before I release to any other platforms. Here you can also find very exclusive content 🔥, which I'm definitely not posting anywhere else. 
I’m trying my best to make every single tier worth your time and money!

How does the payment work?
Payment is taken immediately upon pledging so, please, only pledge if you really want to stay for that month. Please pay attention that patrons who have been here already will get charged on 1st of each new month.

Do I need to do something after pledging in order to receive my rewards?
Don't worry, you don't need to do anything! Patreon system lets me know who pledged for what month, so I can keep track of it without any problems! So enjoy the feed while you don't receive your monthly rewards. ❤

When the rewards will be sent?
Keeping it short: During the first week of the next month of your pledge. 
Meaning if you pledged in May (doesn't matter the day), you will get your rewards for that month in the first week of June. 

▶ I didn’t receive my rewards but everyone did! What should I do?
Please pm me and I’ll check what happened.
Sometimes Patreon has some issues... Take a look if you have any payment declined before that was never fixed. If you do, probably Patreon considered you as a patron from a previous month, since it tried to retry that payment.

How many pictures can I find on each set?
It really depends on the set. Super old sets have fewer pictures, something around 4-7 pics. Old sets have around 10-25 pictures. Recent sets have between 20-30 pictures and my newest ones have at least 35 pictures each set.

Will you be only cosplaying on your sets? 
No, sets can be either cosplay or modeling. It depends on what I want to bring on that specific month.

Can I have access to past photoshoots?
I always bring back at least 4 old sets per month here on Patreon and there are some tiers where you can request additional ones without any extra charge! But if you don't wanna wait, I made available some of my past photoshoots in Gumroad! Just click here and have fun <3 

Can I pledge at any time to receive that month’s content?
Yes! You will receive the rewards for whatever month you signed up during, it doesn’t matter if you sign up on the 1st, 17th or 30th of each month.

▶ Can I upgrade my pledge within the month?
Yes, you can! If you upgrade from a specific Tier to another, you will be charged the difference between the values. You don’t need to worry about letting me know since Patreon automatically sorts everything to me.

▶ Is there nudity, implied-nudity or pornography on any tier?
No, I don’t offer this type of content. I have no interest about changing that! Please, do not insist.

How does a refund works?
If for some reason there was a mistake in your pledge, we can discuss about it and you can have your refund without any problems. But if you pledged, got to see my exclusive content, and then want your refund for some reason, it won't be possible.

Do I need to know something before I delete my pledge?
Don’t worry, even if you delete your pledge within the month, all rewards will be delivered accordingly to your tier!

Where else can I find you?
For all my links please take a look at my LinkTree! But I go by "danievedo" in every social media if you wanna search for me in any specific place :3 

Can I financially support your work through somewhere else?
Yes, of course! You can buy me a coffee at Ko-fi or send any donation for my Paypal e-mail! I also joined OnlyFans now, so if you would like to grab even more exclusive content, there is a great place more dedicated to mobile type of content! Thanks a lot for the extra support btw! ❤ 

▶ Patreon is a way to gain access to my content via support / donation. You are NOT purchasing any copyrights and I will stay the legal owner of the content.
▶ NO LEAKS ALLOWED! 🙅 Please don't share any of the content I've sent or posted here publicly! I work hard to bring you exclusive content, all of this was made for your eyes only.
▶ Reselling my work is also prohibited! Please understand.
▶ Dates can vary depending on the schedule, but I'll always let you know first if something happens.
▶ By being on Patreon, you agreed to the terms and conditions which includes not uploading these rewards for others to download, not reuploading on any other public website and not using these pictures for any kind of advertisement. These files are for personal use only.
By pledging you ensure you've read my F.A.Q. and are aware of the rules.
If you have any further doubts, please e-mail me or send me a PM ❤
Thanks a lot for everything! AND ENJOY! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 866 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 866 exclusive posts

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