Daniella Hefter

is creating art - drawing, illustration, photography

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The curious

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You will have acces to my creative process. 

Content is thoughts on creativity, reviews on art, original drawings, illustrations, art work, photographs. 

You can comment, give suggestions and ask me questions that I will reply to.

The companion

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- Starts with the same benefits as The Curious.

Extra is that:

- I will thank you personally on my site.

- From your suggestions I will chose the best ideas and you will see how I worked this into the new artworks. Thank you personally will be part of the post! 

The friend

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Same benefits as The Curious and The Companion.


Every month you will select a technique or theme. I will make a drawing for you that will be named together with you. 

The digital version I will send to you. 

For personal, not commercial use.




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About Daniella Hefter

As a professional artist I work on a daily basis on new images. 
My art work varies from fine lined ink drawings to acrylic paintings. 

I am so excited about the option that this ongoing creative process can be followed by you.
If you consider being a patron you will have great direct influence on what I will make. You will be able to influence the process.

About me: I was born in a family of artist. My grandfather was a fashion designer, my mother made huge textile works, my father makes modern stained glass windows. Within this environment my knowledge of art and the basis for different techniques was given.
At the art academy I studied illustration, this is still visible in my work. I do like to work in assignment, but most of my work is autonomous. I have worked as an artist for over 20 years and have a degree in arts, education in arts. 

Aim: I am interested in the possibility of communicating with just image. 
What does the drawing tell you.
How can I solve visual challenges of color, light, composition and still communicate to the viewer.
I would love to hear your comments, questions and have conversations that will lead to new works.

Let me know if you have questions. This can be about technique, about themes, about the story behind the image or requests!

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