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Hi there!

Welcome to this patreon! My name is Dani, better known in the ukulele community as Dani Ukulele World or Dani Usero simply.

I have been a musician for several years now, having finally graduated in Modern Music and Jazz in Electric Guitar. However, one of the instruments that has penetrated the most in me has been the ukulele.
The ukulele opened from the first moment, a different vision to the way of seeing music, and especially to my way of playing. It allowed me to play with a new perspective, a new color with which to see the musical world, and above all, to become a child again to play.

In addition to this, really very recently, my life gave a 180º change leading me to share my ukulele experiences with a wonderful community of ukuleles that has been forged over time. I became what a content creator says, sharing music videos, covers, collaborations with other artists and tutorials that people were demanding because they wanted to play it like me.

In this Patreon I would just like to be able to unify all my contact with the people who follow all those previous movements, either hanging the scores that I am creating through my covers, my tutorials, or simply, creating a community where I can teach and teach private where I share the way I play and help others get it if they can't.

This Patreon is more than a simple economic means. For me it symbolizes the authentic assessment of my jokes in networks, of my adaptations and musical parodies, of my tutorials and of my didactic classes. In short, to the music that I gesture from the inside. If you support him, I will thank you in the soul, for he opens the authentic door that separates us and allows us to really be able to see each other, smile, and give us that fraternal hug.
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