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About The Dan Lamaestra Trio

Hi everyone!

My name is Dan Lamaestra, and together with my trio mates Leland and Blake, we are creating brand new takes on music for the classic jazz piano trio format.  I for one, love classical music, movie music, pop music, and so much more!  We are recording a new album this year, and the goal is to make 2-3 new HD videos every year.  

We have made 9 so far, and so far I have paid for it myself.   The amount of time it takes to choose a song, arrange or "re-arrange" it, learn it and rehearse it, record the video footage, edit and mix it, and then release, seems to be about 2 months per video.  That about 20 hours a week if broken down to an average.  

Our biggest project so far was last year.  I did a full musical analysis of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2, First Movement, and "re-imagined" it for jazz trio!  This means I studied every note, of the entire orchestral score, and figured out the most musically satisfying way I could convey the feeling and scope of the music with just piano, bass and drums.

That took nearly a year to work out the arrangement before we rehearsed and recorded it.

We also want to share our music with free concerts and master classes for students and fans, and that also takes financial support.

I will be making an intro video very soon, and for now, I will post a link to our popular version of "Theme from ET".

Thanks so much for your support!!
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Master Class Video

We can casually record, with 1 camera, a 15 minute video going "behind the scenes" in how the music is made. 
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