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Hi. As many of you know When I started my musical career I was 9 years old. From the moment I've always had a fascination with music and different composers and sounds that all of them have. Every Musician is unique in their own way. I believe that with the drive that I have I could do a lot of potentially good things with my music if it gets big. The biggest thing that I've ever wanted to hear is, " Your music is the reason I'm still alive."  Why you ask? Something so weird and depressing to hear another individual say, right? That's where I disagree with you. I didn't know the meaning of this until a band saved my life. The reason I'm standing here today is because of a band called "Asking Alexandria." Now I know what you're thinking. A guy that listens to music like that is making rap? Ugh white people. Nah you've got it twisted. The reason I quit with Rock music is because there's millions of bands, and I know there are millions of rappers. But after a while Rock music has gotten harder and harder to create melodic and original content. Rap music right now seems like the possibilities are endless. Plus, If I were to have stuck with Rock, then I would've been inspired to copy a band or specific pattern that another band has. Please help me by Pledging to my Patreon. It would mean the world to me, and also allow me to continue my musical career. let me also break down the Pledging amounts that way you know what you're getting if you do decide to pledge.

1$ - It's pretty minimalist, but you'll receive an assortment of things like free downloads to some songs, chances for prizes and the best of all, we'll eat ramen together. plus a follow back
5$ - Free music, Higher chances during raffles and giveaways
10$ Free music, Even higher chances during giveaways, shoutouts
20$  Shoutouts, pick the beats and what I should write about, phone calls from me to you with the top tier chances of winning giveaways
50$ - Everything, plus the opportunity to join me in songs/videos. You'll even be entered to join the first give away with top tier status. 
100$ - everything you want, plus a free pass to exclusive behind the scenes actions, regular phone calls and the follow back on any platform. 
500$ - we get married, and you can pretty much ask me to do anything without the possibility of me saying no. ( no criminal activity, vulgar hate speech, or anything that involves doing sexual favors. wait, nevermind go ahead. you just payed me 500$ I owe you my life.)

*questions I get asked frequently.*

why are you so fat? - Food.
Why do you keep trying? - Because music is my passion. without it, I'm lost.
Do you copy flows? - No. I have influences, but i'm completely 100% myself.
Where do you get your beats? - Youtube mainly. I don't have money, so I can't exactly pay people.
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College Students <3
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Thank you, every penny counts <3
$5 Footlong's. (Schlong Dongs)
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I can buy 4 taco's and 3 pieces of candy. Thank you <3
Cheese Burgers (McDonald's Rich)
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I can buy like 9 Sweet Tea's. Thanks family <3
$0 of $500 per month
I know this is a lot, but at the same time, it'll allow me to create music without having to hold back on things like beats, guest vocalists, studio quality experiences, and best of all, music videos. None of the money is used for anything else other than music. 
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