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Special Objects
per month
There is a kind of object that is special, which I began manufacturing some time or other. From June 7th 2018 I will start carrying these objects about my person all the time. If you're in the $2 or over club I will give you one of these mystical items WHENEVER I see you! The catch here is you have to physically see me to claim what is your rightful property. I've even bought a new bumbag specifically for these delightful trinkets!
Card, Hard, Lard
per month
Not only once but twice will you be able to send one of our hilarious limited edition Tit Mice "Generic Greetings Cards" to a loved (or hated) one! Because this reward will win you TWO of these legendary, multi occasion, all year round tick box cards! With an envelope!
Goddamn Postal Absurdity
per month
Through the goddamn postal service I'll goddamn send you three goddamn Tit Mice "Generic Greetings Cards", along with a goddamn special object such as those mentioned in the first goddamn tier, goddamn it!




per month

About Dan Petley's Brick Project

Hey, we all walk through parts of town that feel run down or could simply do with perking up. Not only does the Brick Project make a formerly drab area into a colourful living gallery but it involves the community who use the space most frequently. By contributing to this project you can help us to spread the project and its message further and own a souvenir of this exciting activity. Thanks for your contributions and I'll see you at a Brick Project wall soon!
$2 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month I will have ONE portrait of a patron (or their choice of beast) tattooed onto my body every TWO months. The patrons will be in a tombola and I will make a YouTube video of me making the completely random selection, then the lucky winner can decide whether they want a portrait of themselves or a doodle of a creature (it will your responsibility to submit a black and white selfie or draw the doodle). I'm a rubbish tattooist so I'll get someone professional to do it.
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