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Hi there! My name is Dan. I'm a software developer and writer based out of Loveland, Colorado. Right now, you're probably wondering why you should consider supporting my work—there are lots of Patreon profiles, after all, and I'm sure lots of them write code and words, too.

So, a bit of backstory. I finished high school and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I thought about being a writer, but I couldn't come up with a great story I wanted to tell the world. Since I didn't have a clear plan, I wound up doing what lots of young people do: go to college until I figured it out. I earned a Communication Studies degree from Colorado State University for my trouble.

But the numbers simply weren't adding up. I got an average, if thankless, job. I thought about working at a newspaper, but as I thought about it, I watched several of them shrivel up and die as the internet took over the world. I had over $50,000 of student loan debt, and the monthly payments were $600/month after refinancing—higher than my rent at the time.

So I took a harder look at who I was. I like to think and analyze and problem-solve. I like organizing things and giving structure to the world. I decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp in 2016 that taught me to write software.

1.5 years later, I landed my first job as a software developer. I met an amazing girl and fell in love (we're getting married this year!). I finally feel like my fiancée and I make enough in combined income to survive, between my software developing and her teaching.

But it's not enough to me to figure out my OWN problems. I feel immensely fortunate to have found the software job I found at Radial Development Group, but I want to help more people find jobs that treat them like human beings, offer them fair compensation, and support them as they pursue their dreams.

Therefore, I am building a software application called Novum Opus, a social platform that will help people collaboratively discover job opportunities that won't force them to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and won't require them to get a degree they can't afford to do it. In conjunction, I run a personal blog at my website, www.danrice.me (reposted on my Medium account), where I write about bettering yourself, software, personal finance, student loan debt, the arts and entertainment media that interests me, and occasionally post a short story.

This is where you come in, dear reader and patron. I want to be able to support myself with Novum Opus and my personal blog someday, but I also want them to be ad-free experiences for everyone. If you like my ideas and want to support them, please consider supporting me through this page.

If you want to contact me about my work (as a fan or potential collaborator), feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]

Thanks so much!

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