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"Creatures of Circumstance"

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  • This will get you a download of the current single featuring the guest artist of the month 
  • Access to my Private Patron Feed
  • Free Download of "III - "Creatures of Circumstance" 
  • You will also get the song's Playthrough Video and Mini Doc and/or Podcast
  • GAIN ACCESS: To stream all previously released songs 

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About Dan Sugarman

Hey guys! Dan Sugarman here... I'm a 25 year old Guitarist | Songwriter | Producer | Teacher from Los Angeles, CA - You may know me from my past work with As Blood Runs Black as their lead guitarist (2010-2016), or as the writer and producer behind my own debut instrumental effort "Centersun". But what you may have not known is that I'm a constantly leaking source of music... Seriously, it's a problem that I'm tired of dealing with!

I've always dreamt of finding the right outlet to share all of the music that I've come up with... That's where Patreon comes in. 

I want to take this amazing platform and combine it with my years of experience touring the world to create something completely unique.

You see - while on tour, I'd met some of the most amazing musicians around... We'd talk music, dream up new ideas, and sit backstage showing each other new song ideas or useful techniques... but nothing every materialized from it! "Let's link up when we get home and write music" became a line that I was tired of hearing - so I decided to do something about it... 

My mission and objective is to collaborate with some of the sickest musicians I know of to create some of the best and most unique music that my guest artists and I can possibly create. Every song will be unique to the artist that I collaborate with; allowing both my collaborators and I to expiriment with different ideas and concepts in an attempt to create something new. 

Welcome to my Living Album "Inside/Out" 
Get 1 new song monthly featuring a different known guest artist 
10% of proceeds go to Charity every month
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Well, here's how it works: When you submit your pledge, you'll immediately receive "Creatures of Circumstance" free of charge (it's the first clickable link in your sign up confirmation email). You won't be charged for your pledge until the following song is released to you in the following month. In essence, you're making a promise to pledge to my next song in exchange for getting "Creatures of Circumstance" for free today. Remember that none of the songs off of "Inside/Out" will be for sale to the public until the album is completely finished, so you get first dibs on hearing music as well as watching the process unfold! Also, please don’t upload them to any other sites <3 


1. My Patreon Subscribers will get 1 new song per month featuring a different collaboration on each track!  
2. You can also get the full Playthrough Video of the Current Release (see below for example video)
3. A Mini Doc and/or Podcast 
4. Access to Stream all previously released "Inside/Out" tracks
5. Access to Pre-Production to hear progress of new songs
6. Help make Artistic Choices for each month's release (Titles // Song Ideas // Art Concepts // Video Cuts etc.)
7. Tabs & Notation
8. Studio Session Stems for Jam Tracks // Remixes
9. Bonus Tracks
10. Guitar Lessons 
11. Chances to Collaborate with Me on YOUR SONGS
12. I will even write a song FOR you! 

It all just depends on what level you choose to pledge for!
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Here's an example of the Music & Video Package:

"Inside/Out" is my expiriment to fine tune and hone in on a
healthy alternative business model for releasing music!


My Purpose
My goal is to use this platform as a way to give back to the world around me. So, I am pledging 10% of proceeds from each month towards a Charity chosen by my Patreon Family and I. Every month we will discuss and choose where we would like to allocate our donation funds, and you have a say in the matter!

Being able to physically affect the people and world around me through music is something I've always dreamt of doing -
and with your support, I really think we can make that happen...

So far we have donated over $500 to 
Charity Organizations with previously released tracks: 
The National Brain Tumor Society // www.ALS.net
www.CDV.org // www.SmileTrain.org

More History: At a certain point in my life, touring with my band and performing for all of you guys in a live setting was everything to me. It was quite literally me living out my childhood dream on repeat... But with my mom's health having become a priority for my family, my whole world came crashing down. I've decided that I need to stay close to home and be with her as much as I can.

It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but just because I've chosen not to tour right now doesn't mean that music won't be an integral part of my life… And just because I'm not on the road relentlessly touring my new music, doesn't mean that I don't strive to positively affect as many people around me as I can with the music I make.

My Plan: With my mission clear to me, I've decided to use Patreon and utilize it as a way to combine all of the services that I offer into one package… My plan is to release 12 songs over the course of the next 12 months and collaborate with some of my best friends and favorite musicians I've met along the way. You'll gain access to the whole process, and damn near everything under the sun!

Here are some of the amazing musicians that are onboard so far:

Alex Lopez (Drummer of Suicide Silence)
Gil Sharone (Drummer of Marilyn Manson/Team Sleep/Puscifer/Stolen Babies/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan/+44)
Rick Graham (Inhuman Guitar Master)
Adam Warren (Vocalist of Oceano)
Danny Leal (Vocalist of Upon A Burning Body)
Eric Emery (Vocalist of Skyharbor)
Ruben Alvarez (Guitar of Upon A Burning Body)
Angel Vivaldi (Virtuoso Guitarist)
Anna Sentina (Incredible Bassist)
Ricky Armellino (Vocalist of This or The Apocalypse)
- James Norbert Ivanyi (Australian Guitar Master)
Alex Hofmann (Vocalist of Fallujah)
Sims Cashion (Guitar Prodigy)
Alex Campbell (Seek Irony/Warner Bros Music Composer)
- And more to be announced in the near future

This is quite literally the most excited I have ever been to get about a new project, and I can't wait to share it with all of you! 

I want to dedicate this entire project to all musicians and people out there that need to kick it at home and be with their loved ones, and still find a way to take the time and make the effort to do what they love… You guys are my heroes.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported me and continues to do so. I hope to push myself as far as I can as a guitarist, and to continue upping my game as a songwriter, producer, session musician, guitar teacher, and human. Right now, nothing is more important to me then being here with my blood family, and making music for my Patreon family.  

For now, sweet smell of diesel wafting into the my nose, while I drift off in the back of a van parked in a dingy truck stop in the middle of America will have to wait until another day for me…

My focus is now to make "Inside/Out" the most interactive & enjoyable release that I have ever done. I hope to inspire people to try something new outside of their comfort zones and commit to seeing their idea through until the end. 

I am committed to this.
Join me and watch my living album
"Inside/Out" unfold one month at a time! 

You guys all rule and I love you more then you even know.
Much sweetness is to come in the future! 
Keep your facial orifices at the ready...

Yours forever,
Dan Sugarman
[email protected]

REMINDER: If you sign up now, you will immediately receive my third release "Creatures of Circumstance"!

If you sign up at the $5 or more pledges: Gain access to stream all of my previous releases, as well as all of the other perks!

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