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Milestone Goals
Weekly PhD Unknown!
$400 per month
We'll be able to provide our artist, Joan, the support needed so we can make PhD Unknown update on a regular, weekly basis!
Monthly Hangout with Joan and Dante for all patrons!
$600 per month
Once this goal is met, we will host a Patreon patron-only monthly Google hangout in which Joan and Dante will answer questions, draw, write, and livestream!
STW Calendar PDFs For All Current Patrons
$650 per month
Once we hit this goal, all current patrons will receive a PDF digital copy of the 2014 STW page-a-day calendar!  While it may not be entirely useful as a calendar, it's also the first collection of STW, and contains a ton of bonus content, including original comics and a soundtrack!
PhD Unknown Twice A Week!
$1,000 per month
We'll be able to provide our artist, Joan, enough support to be allow us to make not just one but two PhD Unknown comics a week!
Science and Engineering Comics!
$2,000 per month
Multi-page, colored comics will be regularly produced per month explaining science, engineering, and research to get K-12 students more interested in science and to help contribute to undergraduate education.


Dr. Dante Shepherd is the creator of the daily webcomic Surviving the World, a chalkboard photocomic which has been running for six years.  He is also the writer of PhD Unknown, a comic about science, grad school, and weird creatures, on which he collaborates with artist Joan Cooke.

During the day and much of the night, Dante is a chemical engineering college professor, teaching multiple classes a semester and conducting K-12 research.  Yes, his students know about his comics.  Yes, they've found the one of him wearing a slip.  Yes, it makes things a little weird.  They're good kids, though.


Boston, MA, USA

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Hello!  I'm Dante Shepherd.  I have been making Surviving the World, a chalkboard photocomic, on a daily basis for the last six years - that's over 2100 comics!  It's set up with a classroom style setting, so anyone who reads the comic is a student sitting in the class, and I play the bloviating professor/teacher up at the board.  There are comics about science, about literature, about love, about pets, about sex, about politics - questions from the students have been answered - all while I wear a labcoat.  It's fun and sometimes even educational.

I've also collaborated with artists to produce more traditional style comics.  PhD Unknown is a webcomic about grad school and unusual creatures that I put together with Joan Cooke.  It was a great project - until we put it on hiatus as part of a need for freelance work.  Your support through Patreon will not only help us get it back and running regularly, but might even allow us to publish more frequently!

There are a number of other comics and book projects I'd really like to launch and make reality, and your support will help do that.  We'd be able to do a lot of really cool things with really cool artists - in some cases, this means telling even more new stories.  But in some cases, as I'm a full-time engineering professor trying to make new experiments for K-12 students, this even means making comics to help explain science to kids!

I've made comics for six years and given them out for free, utterly grateful for everything that kind readers have helped make possible.  With your support, I'd be able to do even more and collaborate with some really great people.  I'm eager to see what we can do!
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