Daniel Nicoletti

is creating Qt/KDE projects currently engaged in pushing Qt/C++ to the Web

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For the last 15 years I've been trying my best to improve the Linux Desktop, if you ever managed printers or it's jobs in KDE/Plasma, changed color correction on you monitors or even installed Apps with Apper you have used some of the stuff I've made.

Since 2013 I decided to try to push the limits of Qt/C++ and make it a viable option to web development, I created then Cutelyst a top performer full stack web framework.

I love doing Open Source Software, and would like to be able to continue to do so with less worries about my time being spent on non-paid stuff, as now I'm a dad of 4 kids :)

Here is a list (that I recall) of the projects I've created or contributed to:
  • Cutelyst
  • CMlyst - Web CMS
  • Sticklyst - Web pasting tool
  • Virtlyst - Web virtualization manager
  • Apper
  • PackageKit and it's aptcc backend
  • KDE's print-manager
  • colord-kde
  • libdebconf-kde
  • polkit-kde
  • network-manager-qt
  • NextCloud client
  • simplemail-qt
  • html-qt
  • libudisks-qt
  • Linux Kernel (added support to probing battery status of mouse/keyboard - HID devices)
  • Qt patches
In the past I've already got contributions from many individuals, which I'm very grateful.

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