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The Squire
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  • Access to the patron-only activity feed, where I'll be constantly hanging out with you answering your questions, asking you for feedback, making polls about my next videos, posting exclusive behind the scenes stuff, making occasional exclusive live streams, talking questionable ludicrous wisdom... good stuff!
  • Private video content through Patreon Lens (it's like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, but just for patrons!).
  • Q&A priority whenever I do live streams on Youtube.
  • Discounted prices on all the albums, courses and merch items I plan to release on the near future.
The Soldier
per music video
  • Early access to my cover songs 24h before everybody else. Cool!
  • MP3 download of ALL the covers I ever did and will continue to do.
  • All previous tier benefits.
The Knight
per music video
  • Lossless WAV file download of ALL the covers I ever did and will continue to do. Perfect to listen to on the car, a big stereo or high end head-phones. You can't get those anywhere else!
  • All previous tier benefits.




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About Dan Vasc


Welcome to my Patreon page! I am a musician, mainly a singer, and I make music videos on Youtube covering songs that I love. I've released more than 100 videos since 2010 and in 2017 I started to work on it full-time. My dream is to transform my channel into a sustainable business that serves people with top quality performances of amazing music. Thanks to you, that dream is very close to reality. Here is an example of what I do:


Patronage is a very old concept. For many centuries artists of various kinds had patrons - mostly from the nobility and royalty - to whom such artists paid special homage with their creation. Today Patreon makes that concept accessible to everybody, for even as little as 1 dollar. I feel honored and humbled that you would want to be a Patron to my art. Please consider supporting what I do with whatever value you wish per music video (I post new videos every Wednesday) in exchange for the benefits and rewards I have prepared for you. That will allow me to continue to improve my production and the quality of my work, to bring you the absolute best content that I can. If you're worried about going over your budget, you can choose a monthly cap during your signup. I don't want you to extrapolate your possibilities by no means and I appreciate every single one of you.


All the resources you pledge are to be reinvested on the very content you chose to support. It will pay for expenses such as studio equipment, audio software, video software, the electricity consumed by them, their maintenance and eventually their upgrades. I also have the goal to make other musicians dreams to make a living on music come true, by hiring them to help me with the channel. Your support will allow me to work with talented people, allowing me to bring you EVEN GREATER music! For more goals and ambitions, take a look on the GOALS section to the left.


$1/video: THE SQUIRE

The battlefield calls for you and you are starting to answer.

  • Access to the patron-only activity feed.
    Let's chat, hang out with me and the other patrons, make Q&A's, make polls about my next videos, see behind the scenes stuff and other exclusive content just for patrons!
  • Private video content through Patreon Lens.
    It's just like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, but just for patrons!
  • Q&A priority on Youtube live-streams.
    Whenever I do one of my live Q&As on my Youtube channel, YOUR questions have priority!
  • Discounts on future products.
    When I release an album, a course or a merchandising line, you will have access to a patron exclusive discount!

$3/video: THE SOLDIER

Already a seasoned warrior, fighting starts to feel like second nature to you.

  • Early access to my cover songs.
    24 hours before everybody else, you will be able to listen to every song I release!
  • MP3 Downloads.
    You will get a link to download every single one of my covers and every time I release a new one you will get that too!
  • All previous benefits!

$5/video: THE KNIGHT

Your brave deeds earned you the noble title and young warriors look up to your leadership.

  • Lossless HD WAV File Downloads.
    Both Youtube and digital music platforms compress the file size of the audio tracks, which takes away a lot of the original audio quality. Lossless HD WAV files are the tracks untouched by such compression, the way I intended them to be heard straight from my studio to you. You will get a download link to ALL my covers on that file format, plus all new covers every time they are released. The huge quality improvement makes it perfect to be listened to on the car, on a big stereo or on high end headphones. Those files are NOT available anywhere else!
  • All previous benefits!

$10/video: THE WAR HERO

Your statue is on the square of your hometown and your enemies pray you will never appear.

  • Your name on my videos.
    At the end of every single one of my videos YOUR NAME will appear on the Special Thanks section. Your awesomeness deserves to be acknowledged publicly!
  • All previous benefits!


Satan has nightmares about you.

  • Isolated vocals.
    You get an audio track with the isolated vocals without instruments for every new song I release from this point on! Perfect if you want to check in detail what I did, specially for songs with complex harmonies, or if you're curious to hear just my vocals without instruments!
  • Permission to use them.
    You have my permission to use those isolated vocal tracks however you want! Maybe on your own instrumental cover or putting me on a duet with you! (Just let me know before. If I like it a lot, I can even help you promote it!)
  • Isolated vocal track of my "Africa" - TOTO cover.
    Hear those extraordinary harmonies in their purest state!
  • All previous benefits!


$283 of $500 per music video
Time to start upgrading the audio gear. Making this amount will allow me to replace obsolete equipment, starting by my old Windows 7 studio computer, which will allow the purchase of more modern recording softwares for it. Following that, comes a new audio interface, a new mic, new audio monitors and improved acoustic treatment, in that order of priority. You will hear a HUGE audio quality improvement!
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