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Hi there! I'm Mr. DAPs, the founder of DAPS MAGIC. In 2004 I founded DAPS MAGIC to be a family friendly website offering positive Disney and geek information, news, and activities by celebrating a mutual love of Disney and geekdom. Our website continues to do that today!

A couple years after founding the site, YouTube broke onto the scene. We now try to produce multiple videos each week. However, we have never had a budget and really don't have a lot of equipment.

We want to do things better. We want to be able to get better audio and video equipment so that we can make better videos. Part of this will just allow us to chronicle what is going on at Disney and beyond. Another part though will allow us to continue to be creative in how we bring to you both news and commentary about what is going on in the Disney and geek community!

The only way we can do any of this is through your partnership and support. We love that we get to geek out with you and we want to do it even better! Please consider partnering with us today! Also, if you see me or any of the team in the parks (particularly Disneyland), say hi! We always love to meet you! 

At the end of the day, we are all about celebrating our love of Disney and geekdom. We believe it is awesome to be a geek, especially a Disney geek! Will you join us in geeking out together?
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For every $500 per month that we raise, we will add one more video to our weekly lineup! These will include park videos, geek videos, and other ideas that come from the DAPS MAGIC Makers. 
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