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10$ per month (it's like inviting us for a large green smoothie every month! Tasty..) This is what we would love to receive to keep pouring and circulating our gifts abundantly into the world and co-create our bigger visions (like a retreat centre / school of life / commUNITY). It is a 'suggested' amount and it is up to 'YOU' to decide what your heart feels aligned to give. Click the red button above if you want to pledge a custom amount of less or more than $10. We trust in your judgment about what represents a commitment on your part and respects your financial situation. The ReLOVEution is doing us and together we achieve more. Please view our websites & YouTube pages to view some of the ways we are contributing to this revolution of love. So much gratitude for your support. We shall continue SHIING BRIGHT. 




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The Art of Living is Giving

DISCLAIMER: We are not the creators of The ReLOVEution! The ReLOVEution is sweeping across the globe and we can all be part of it if we choose to..

It is a global call to return;
from seriousness to laughter
from holding on to letting go
from Hate to Connection
from Greed to Giving
from Fear to Trust
from Lies to Truth

We travel the world and show up in festivals, schools, NGOs and corporate companies to share our message of Transparent Communication | The Language of Love. We invite people to stop lying and start loving, To move beyond FEAR and RISE in LOVE. To strip away all the conditioning that keeps us playing small and locked in the chains of the past. Its as simple as that really!

We host a number of events, from 2 day intensives, 7 day retreats, online programs, conscious music, talks, and video content on our Youtube channels. We mostly 'Gift' our content creation and transformational experiences to people from all walks of life. 

And as 'Howard Thurman' said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

.....hold on a second.... what is the Gift Culture? sounds like some hippy airy fairy hocus pokus weed shit you've been smoking!!... 


We live our lives in the spirit of the GIFT economy: a mode of sacred exchange. 
here is what that means to us in a nutshell: 

"We very rarely sell our services, but rather gift them unconditionally and without an explicit agreement of what we will receive in return"  

We cannot put a fixed price tag on LOVE. It doesn't feel good in our bellies. Love is free it doesn't create paywalls. But of course we live in a consumer society and that means we know the price of everything and the value of very little. This does not mean we don't enjoy, want or need money. We do. We just get creative in ways to sacredly exchange and create less walls for those who cant afford to initially contribute.

We welcome the abundant flow that is always flowing when we do not break the giving chain. We don't own money or keep it locked away; we circulate it and when we do that, it keeps circulating. When this happens there is enough for everyone. 

We are able to continue showing up in this way because of the 'Gift chain' of people who support us from a place of heartfelt trust. That includes YOU (Once you become our patron)

Our areas of play: Breath work, Emotional Intelligence, Transparent Communication, REAL-ationships, Intimacy, Sexuality, Body Work, Mens and Women's groups, Meditation, Music, Motivation, Inspirational entertainment, Dance/Movement, Yoga/Acro-yoga and Self loving practices.

visit our website for more event info and resources: www.daraandsimon.com

You can view more on our YouTube Channel: Dara and Simon YouTube Channel and NAKED The Retreat YouTube Channel

* Conscious Music | Dara and Doors series 2017 / 18. 

* Hogar Del Nino School Dominican Republic | April 2018 | The Next Generations. 

* Hogar Del Nino School Dominican Republic | April 2018 | SUPER HERO Training.

* Psyfi Transitional Festival | Holland Sept 2017

Our actions speak louder than words and this is our contribution to humanity. This is our play with purpose. We want to continue creating safe sacred spaces where people can reconnect to their liberated true playful selves and express their unique divinity.

* Radical Intimacy 2 Day Intensive Gozo | Nov 2018 

* Dance Walking Dropping Anonymous Love Letters | Random Acts of Kindness

Our deepest wounds are our greatest gifts to share with the world. We are the change and we are already whole. We just need a gentle reminder now and then. So thats what we offer; a gentle reminder. 

'High On Truth' Workshop | Earth Garden Festival | Malta 2017

Hogar del Nino | Super Hero Teacher Training Day | 2017

$853 of $1,000 per month
When we reach this goal, we will be able to cover a monthly retainer for our extraordinary ReLOVEution Team: Laughing Chai Corrinna | Videographer, Editor & Chef "Eyes Behind Everything'. And PA / Co-Creator of Magic Radicalizer. 
Each will be Gifted €500 p/m.  
Our vision is to raise this to 1000 each p/m
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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