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About Darbaras

Hi! Darbaras here! Welcome to my Patreon page!

About my stuff!

I'm a freelancer furry/anthro artist, mainly focusing on scuba and space themed artworks. I don't really draw explicitly NSFW content; although tasteful, suggestive pictures might pop up in my gallery from time to time! What I enjoy drawing the most are fully-fledged illustrations; large pieces with complex environments and lots of details where I aim for cinematic looks. These are naturally the most time consuming, but I always have the most fun doing them as well!

Important: I'm not a diver IRL, and everything I know about scuba equipment has come from my own research into gear and such; apologies for any mistakes in this field!

About my Patreon.

I do not wish to put my art behind a paywall of any kind. Finished pictures will be available through other sites a little later, such as Twitter and FurAffinity; the purpose of this Patreon is more to act like a tip jar, to allow me spend more time on drawing. However, my patrons will be able to see completed artwork sooner, as well as view sketches, see work-in-progress images, vote for ideas, and lastly, receive discounts on future commissions.

My goals

The dream is to be able to support myself financially through art only; I do love my current job, but planning ahead becomes difficult due to how unpredictable my workload can be. This makes long term art scheduling such as commission openings or bigger personal pieces hard to manage. The more I can reliably earn from my drawings and commissions, the more time I can spend on doing them.

Thank you for visiting my page!

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This amount will completely cover my basic monthly expenses, such as rent, bills, and taxes, ultimately allowing me to go focus more on drawing!
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