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Mahalo for investing in my life. As a token of my appreciation, I'll send you a one time gift of our famous 100% Kona Coffee that is grown right here in the Hawaiian Islands. You will also receive one handwritten Hawaiian postcard from me and have access to my patron-only feed for blog posts and picture updates along the way.




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"The real voyage in discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.                                                                                                                                                        - Marcel Proust

A little bit about me.  Alooooooooha, my name is braddah greg a.k.a. darealglo. I am a very passionate and  simple, native Hawaiian man, who believes that he has found a way to share his culture, his piece of island living and balancing family time, while creating valuable content for  periscope supporters.
    Whether you have dreamed about traveling to Hawai'i, would love to visit Hawai'i someday or are coming to Hawai'i in the near future, I offer something for everybody.  Through my eyes, I share daily life experiences on Oahu and various Hawaiian Islands. Follow me and I'll show you how to travel, talk, eat, buy and live everything Hawaii... E Komo Mai...Welcome to Hawai'i, my home..

My Dreams using Patreon.. I am very passionate about helping our communities with our growing homeless problem and our foster care system, being two issues that are dear to my heart.. Island living can be hard, expensive and tiring. Broadcasting through social media and by using Patreon have opened doors for me to turn these dreams into a reality.  With the support of people like you, the monies raised through Patreon will be used to fund the hosting website, broadcasting, t-shirt designs, overhead cost and most of all you will be helping to grow our communities to a better future. Let me be the hands and feet of your patreonage and lets build this dream together..

To learn more about who I am and what I do please visit my website at www.darealglo.com
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Mahalo for visiting me here on Patreon. Through your support I am able to offer you more creative content and share more about what it's like to live here in Hawai"i.

One of my reasons ["the WHY"] I started this Patreon account is to not only give you daily insights and exclusives on how a "local Braddah" lives in Hawai"i but to also launch a company birthed out of the islands. 

Through your financial seeds that you sow into my life, I am able to share a much deeper part of living the island life.
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