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Welcome to my Patreon!  Ever since January 2019, I’ve been supplying the Daredevil community with memes, videos, stories, and artwork via Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  (And Wattpad for several years.)

Recently I hosted a giveaway in order to give back to you all, but unfortunately I am a broke college student in need of funds in order to supply you all with more awesome content.  This will go towards funding more giveaways, upgrading my video editor, getting more art supplies, and MORE!  In exchange, I promise to reward you with exclusive sneak peeks at future content, behind-the-scenes looks at my works, special giveaways, epic story one-shots, and MORE!

I look forward to interacting with you further, and together we will do our best to succeed in spreading the Daredevil love, and hopefully even #SaveDaredevil.