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About ABD

****If you are new and intend to pledge, please WAIT until the next 1st of the month if the date's too close to the ending of previous month. This Patreon charges during the first days of every month and you could get double charged.****

Hi! I'm ABD, and I'll be in charge of creating the art for the comic projects you'll find below, and also writing most of them.

Here you'll be supporting the creation of webcomics that are planned to be updated every week. They'll always be uploaded first here, and after a month, at the free website Dark Blue comics. I will also be doing art in general like pinups and illustrations. I'm planning to work on these comics for years, and it would be great if you decide to take this journey with me, getting an inside view of the creation of the comics, taking part in polls to decide the future of each story and even getting access to exclusive content of your favorite characters and plots!

Can't support me through Patreon?
There are other ways to support my projects here!

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Enter our Discord and Reddit forums anytime!

Are the comics free to read? How that works?

Yes, everyone can read the comics at the website Dark Blue Comics. But high resolution pages will be only available here. Plus, patrons will have early access to all created pages, with an advantage of a month before they're released at the website in minor resolution.

What are the rewards for supporting?
First of all, here's a small tutorial on how to access your rewards if you become a patron.
Depending on the reward tier you pledge, you'll receive different rewards. All patrons will have early access to the comic pages before anyone else, and in exclusive high resolution. Even further, those samel patrons will be able to vote in the different polls I'll open regularly to decide things such as what character should be drawn next, what character you'd like to appear more frequently, what type of situation you'd like to see explored in the different comics, etc. Higher tiers have access to private stream sessions and videos, where you can watch me create the comic from the beginning. Some patrons will even have characters created by them, making cameo appearances in the pages of the comics.

What about the commission rewards?
Some of the higher tier patrons have the chance to request from me an art commission once a month with one of their own characters or one of the characters from the comics in it. I'll open a number of commission spots each month that patrons of the required reward tier can apply to. If more patrons apply than the number of available spots, I'll give priority to those patrons who haven't got a comission done before. That way everyone will get a commission eventually.

What are the Art Sets?
I'm calling Art Sets the monthly packages of artwork that I'll be uploading exclusively for patrons. These Art Sets will have between 2 to 5 pictures each time, and will feature characters and places from the comics. The quality level of the artwork will depend on the latest milestone reached, starting with simple sketches and upgrading to fully colored illustrations. Most of the pictures in the Art Sets will also be posted publicly as a way to advertise the comics, but only patrons will have access to the hi-res version of those pics, plus exclusive alternative versions of them that can even be NSFW in some cases.

I noticed there will be mature content posted here.
Should I worry about it?
Not really. There indeed will be adult content generated in this Patreon account. But it will be kept hidden behind link walls, so people that doesn't want to stumble upon a naugthy scene, will be free to browse the entire site without seeing anything they don't want to. Adult comics will always have SFW thumbnails as forefront, and the same will be done with adult artwork. There's even a fully SFW comic (Bethellium) being worked here, that people can thoroughly enjoy without having to deal with adult stuff at all. Oh and it's also important to note that the adult situations in the comic will be kept tasteful and relevant to the story. I believe strongly in giving your characters the respect they deserve, so you'll never see an adult scene here that's forced into the plot or that's irrespectful towards the reader and the characters.

I want to support. How do I do it?
If you want to support the creation of the comics, you can pledge to one of the reward tiers available. Any amount, even the smallest will help a lot. When you pledge for the first time, Patreon will charge your fee in advance, so you can have full access to the respective content available for you. After the first month, you'll be charged during the first five days of each following month. You'll have the chance edit your pledges any time in between. Just remember that if you don't pay for a month, you won't have access to patron restricted content until the next month is charged. I recommend that, if you want to pledge, you wait until the beginning of the next month to do it. This way you don't be charged for a month that's about to finish, and the one that's starting right after, in a very short time span.


(SFW comic. High Fantasy adventure) Updates every second and fourth friday of the month

In the secret city of Bethellium an ancient wizard is trying to protect the last remains of magic in the world. There, five sorceresses will meet and find that their mastery of each magical art will barely be enough for the challenges that are coming.

(Mature Comic, Supernatural romance drama) Updates every first and third friday of the month.

Three girls get together in a fantasy world very similar to ours, and find that they can defeat the demons of their past as long as they help each other. Nevermind the actual demons that chase right behind their tails.

Thanks a lot everyone for your support!
These projects exist thanks to you and for you. It is my hope that we can enjoy them together, me creating them and you reading them for a long time!

Also you can check other projects I'm working with. Help these awesome comics for even more rewards!

Swashbuckled. Intrigue, adventure, romance and of course Pirates! Follow Aria and Diego in their great adventure in the high seas, stealing treasue and disclosing incredible secrets wherever they go.

$1,398.57 of $1,600 per month
  • One monthly pinup of my original characters.
  • Additional content will be posted once a month.
  • I’ll upload one video per month..
  • Art Sets and Hi-res files are delievered once a month..
  • Moonshadow Memoirs will start. These are going to be short NSFW comics about the characters of Moonlace including cameos.
  • My SFW comic Bethellium will update FOUR times every month.
  • My NSFW comic Moonlace will update FOUR times every month*
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