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You have the ultimate honor of helping the game you love (I hope? ;) ) continue to exist!

  • After three months, if you still play the free version, you’ll officially be an owner of the base game!
  • And each month afterwards, or immediately if you already own the game,  you'll earn one more Online Item's Vault slot
  • Additionally, your pledged amount is added to your available coins, to eventually grab expansions and cosmetic items as you see fit!

Bulwark of Eyal

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You are protecting Eyal against evil monetary foes!

  • As with the previous tier, you get your pledge amount added to your total coins on te4.org and eventually enough to get all the expansions & cosmetics that you could wish for!
  • Now you get three new Online Item's Vault slots every month!
  • Your name in the ingame chat becomes a shiny blue color to show how cool you are!

You want that don't you?!


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You are a true hero of Eyal!


  • Get all of the benefits of the previous tiers!
  • You get five new Online Item's Vault slots every month!
  • Also, you help sustain the game and thus your own pleasure; because Tales of Maj'Eyal brings you pleasure and lots of it! And also pain and tears, but you love it even more because of that, don't you? :)



About DarkGod

Greetings my minions and future minions, My name is DarkGod and I make the roguelike game: Tales of Maj'Eyal and the T-Engine that powers it . I've done so for the past 10 years and I plan to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Before that I made other games whose acronyms were also "ToME"; because I'm weird and kinky like that :)

So what's the deal, why a Patreon page when people can already buy the game? Many reasons my dear minion. Let's see:
  • It is another way for people to buy the game. Any money received from pledges is added to your account on te4.org. Once that reaches 6$ you'll be considered a donator/buyer like any other: because you just did like everybody else anyway. I'm a firm believer that whenever your platform of choice, you should always get the same rewards for the same effort.
  • It is a way for players that love the game to help support the game and its future!
  • Some would say, perhaps rightly so, that a game without a monthly subscription is done. After it has launched, it’s best to move onto a new project. This may be a wise course of action but I’m the sort of person to do the exact opposite of wise for 10 years and counting. Seems to be working for everyone involved, doesn’t it? Still, I need to ensure ways to make sure I can keep ToME-ing for the years to come; Patreon is one such way.

"DarkGod, I do not understand what you mean, pledges are added to te4.org?"
Let's be more specific then shall we!

An explanation first: technically, I count everything in euros because I'm a filthy European. Even worse, I'm French. But since Patreon doesn’t support euros, for the sake of simplicity, I pretend that 1€ = $1. This isn’t strictly how they convert to each other, but I'll take the difference out of my pocket. Even evil gods of darkness can be nice! :)

Now, for every dollar that you give me, whatever the amount of your pledge, it gets added to your te4.org account. This happens every month that your pledge stays active.
When your total reaches 6€ (from any source, including Patreon, Paypal, etc), I consider that equivalent to having purchased the base game. Also, for every 2€, you get a new slot in the Online Item's Vault. This vault lets you store some items you find in the game and retrieve them later on different characters. (Or the same one but what's the point? ;) ). Once you reach the 6€ threshold, you have 3 slots to use and counting.

While the vault slots are a gift for donating money, you can also spend that money on your account to obtain stuff. What stuff? Well, expansions & cosmetic items, obviously!
Say that the total amount you have donated is 10€. This means the system considers you have 10 - 6(base price) = 4€ left available to spend. Which you could use to grab Ashes of Urh'Rok for example! I should note, even if/when you spend this money on the account, the item slots you’ve earned in the Online Item’s Vault are permanently attached to the account and won’t disappear.

This may sound a bit complex but I hope I explained it all well enough. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. I built the system this way to ensure that every player is equal, whether they bought the game on Steam, donated via Paypal, pledged money on Patreon and so on.

"DarkGod, will you be doing special Patreon-only posts and such?"
A very good question! And no, most likely not. While this may sound rather surprising, let me explain a bit, it is related to what I've explained before. Basically I am a firm believer in treating every player the same way and giving them the same possibilities, as much as possible. For example, when the game launched on Steam, I added support for Steam Workshop addons. However, I made sure that it wouldn’t be possible to upload an addon to the workshop before the creator uploaded it to te4.org first. This ensures that all players, no matter where they bought ToME from, could all enjoy the same selection of wacky addons. This is how I’m approaching Patreon. While I do appreciate the pledge support, I don’t want to create any Patreon-exclusive content right now that other non-patrons can’t see or experience, it just would not be fair.

Maybe this will make some people less likely to pledge on Patreon, I know that, but to me fairness trumps that. So I'll just accept it as it is and whenever you wish to support the game some more or not; I thank you for your time reading all that and I hope you're having a great time playing Tales of Maj'Eyal !

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