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About Janaka Davis

I am Janaka Davis
Creator- Leader- Web Comic Artist - Visionary

I remember the first manga I picked up in 8th grade from a scholastic book fair. It was called Desert Coral. I was enthralled by the idea of reading complex stories that included well drawn art and action. It wasn't like a picture book for children, it was next level. It was exactly the medium that drove me to the desire to create comics myself.

Flash forward to 2009, the birth year of Moonlight Apparition.
A good friend had kindly revealed a harsh truth to me. That my comic I was struggling so hard to make would never be what I wanted because it was built upon a terrible foundation. 
My walls crumbled. I was distraught.

He was right, the comic had never made it past one chapter, I didn't know what I was doing,
I felt the weight of that failure, and the failures of other comic entries I had done at the time wear down on me. I felt like an impostor-

 I recall sitting on the mountain side staring at the sunset, tears brimming my eyes, contemplating what I wanted out of life. Dreaming dreams too big to swallow.
It was in that terribly lost moment
 that same friend who had destroyed my walls, challenged me-

What was the Challenge?
 To make a "short" one shot comic. That comic sparked in me, a new fuel, a new approach.
It was raw and fresh, and I wanted to keep building on it.
I drew out a few chapters, then redraw them. Wrote out a script, re wrote the script.
Read comics, searched for tutorials, upgraded equipment,
and the pay off was not more subscribers or followers or comments. 
The pay off came years later when I read a fellow comic friend's answer to what inspired them to create their own comic, and my name, and my web comic was listed-
I was connecting with people. I was inspiring them.

My characters and story, my personal struggle as I shared it, reached others.
Drawing a web comic is a passion I love dearly, and a project I want to see impact thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. 
With the help of patrons like you, that's possible! 

I ask that you join me on this journey, to transform lives, give courage to rising artists, and help creators become better versions of themselves, through art and stories. 
Let's connect to more people, and help make stories that resonate with others so they in turn can have the power, to create and change lives.  

Thank you!

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Moonlight Apparition Webcomic

7% complete
Did someone say, double updates? Well, with this goal met, I would be able to do double updates each week! 
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