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Thanks for your support! If every listener pledged to this tier, we'd smash our highest goal, so it really does all help. A dollar to you is 5% of the hosting costs to me! You'll have access to the Patreon feed which I'll keep a close eye on and be actively using. You'll get a shout out on the show too, 'cos hey, I love you guys and I want to say thank you.

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Pledging this much every month is really helping with our hosting costs and allows me to relax about paying for the various little expenditures with producing a podcast that all add up. In thanks you get Early Access to everything we make via our Patreon exclusive feed that also has bonus episodes, made in part with the direct help of your pledge.

  • Patreon exclusive merch discount code 
  • Access to the Patron only Discord channel 
  • Early Access to the episodes with no horrible ads.
  • Both an NQ audio file and a Patreon exclusive HQ version.
  • Access to Patreon exclusive monthly bonus episodes
  • Access to livestream YouTube archive (unlisted for public)
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Our highest tier currently, at this price a month I guess you have a right to shout at me on Discord when you see me playing games on Steam rather than writing the podcast.

  • Patreon exclusive merch discount code 
  • Access to the Patron only Discord channel 
  • Early access to the episodes with no horrible ads.
  • Both an NQ audio file and a Patreon exclusive HQ version.
  • Access to Patreon exclusive monthly bonus episodes.
  • Access to livestream YouTube archive (unlisted for public)
  • Access to show research notes, documents & digitized newspaper articles etc. that I find interesting and/or useful during researching episodes.
  • Exclusive E-Book of the first season, with scripts and introductions to each episode.
  • Soundtrack download in MP3 format.
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Thanks for stopping in, I guess it means you listen to the podcast, so for that I want to say thanks! It's real fun to make the podcast, but much more satisfying knowing that people actually listen to it. When I started the podcast, I just started tossing episodes out into the internet abyss and now it's turned into something else entirely, which I absolutely love.

Why are we on Patreon?

Simply put, we're on Patreon because no one likes ads. You guys don't like listening to them, I don't like reading them. They offer very little to the show and are a one way street. On the flip side of that, each episode takes me between 20-30 hours to produce, I buy physical books and research papers for each one etc. and the show always has back-end ways it can improve. All of these things are money unfortunately. Patreon, at least to me, seems like the best way to fix this.

Patreon gives me the chance to interact with listeners more consistently which is awesome and gives the show financial stability allowing me to focus on making the best episodes I can. I try to offer a bunch of different pledge tiers that will hopefully suit everyone, without costing a fortune. You might think a dollar isn't going to go far, but if everyone who listened to the show gave just the one dollar, we'd hit the highest Patreon goal over night and then some, so it really does all help. I appreciate every dollar and pledge and it's very humbling that there are people willing to help me out to make the best show I can, which is all I really want to do. Thanks for taking the time to read and understand why I'm on Patreon and why I want it to succeed.

- Ben

PS. In regards to the show research notes, they're all handwritten, so legibility is dubious at times, please see them as more of a "behind the scenes bonus extra" kind of thing rather than any sort of launchpad for your own research. They're also incredibly idiosyncratic!
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This is a lofty goal and pipe dreams for me really, but with this goal, I could look towards turning Dark Histories into an actual income, allowing me to dedicate more time to everything. Basically I can work a considerable amount of hours per week to make the best podcast I can, without worrying too much about my pesky real life job getting in the way. I will also be investing in my recording space and equipment if this tier ever becomes a possibility, in order to pave the way for Dark Histories being a 100% legit, professional, broadcast level, audio production.
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