is creating programming, gaming, rap, and rant videos, also drawings, etc

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I will give you a personal shoutout in my next vlogcast.

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Want me to draw you something? I'll do it. Just tell me what. Let's level up my drawing skills. I will not spend too long on this one, just maybe like 30 minutes to an hour. 

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I will put your name in the show credits. Right now, its just me, but I would love to get some cool ending thing going. Let me just throw some ideas out there, but you, you get to put your name on my show and help direct this thing. Any videos I make, I'll put your name in the comments, in any credits in the videos, and that's that.




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I'm back to my old-self again and this time we are back with a vengeance! We are taking this one day at a time until we figure out what this thing is gonna be, but until then, count on regular vlogs and rants. Whatever you can throw me will only help fuel the journey. I am an amalgamation of interests: a cross-section of one self. Can we call these "vlogcasts"? I'm gonna call them "vlogcasts".
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I want to get a new laptop and/or build a desktop so that I can upgrade my throughput and be able to tackle things more quickly. This machine is too slow and old, plz halp!
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