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About Darknessis Argeyst

Hello, friends, my name is Darkness. I live in Russia and maybe I can be mistaken somewhere in my presentation. Sorry)

Well, what I can talking about me..?

I like to paint. In fact, I draw all my life, but not always regularly.
I like various beasts and animals, especially dragons, wolves and cats. My passion began with Warriors Cats and I play on role-playing forums to this day, from where I get a lot of inspiration and ideas.

"Darkness" is my favorite character, she is always with me. In fact, now we are with her - one whole, therefore, working with this hero is not uncommon. But I really like drawing friends' heroes. And also I like to try something new. I have friends in Germany, America and, of course, in Russia and I hope to visit absolutely everyone one day. And, I hope, not just once or twice)

What am I doing on the patreon?

I came to the patreon with the hope that I would find people who would enjoy my work and help me develop further and further. After all, as you know, perfection has no limits! And before this "perfection" I still have a lot of work that requires strength and time.

Also about...

Oh, yes. Recently, I started painting on stones and I really liked the work "live". A couple of pebbles have already found their home with new owners.) And, I think, they will not be the last of its kind.

Also, having a great experience in the game of role-playing (about 8 years, oh), I liked to write various fictions and stories, but this kind of creativity is not needed very much. So these things remain in the shadow of my role-playing activities very often, where they get their meaning and "fans."

My small(or big) health  problems prevent me from quietly accumulating finances for rapid development in my favorite areas. But I refuse to give up and I go in small steps, sometimes moving to a crawl =). I hope that one day I will be able to overcome the greatest part of the troubles and breathe more freely in my life's journey). 

And I would like to see you, interested in my work, near on this road.

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