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🔒 Seasonal:  A chance to participate in beta testing.
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Treasure Designer

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  • Design a Flavor Item for DarksideRP
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Are you an item hoarder? Now you can help create them! These items will have no intrinsic value but will add a little more flavor to the world. After all, one man's junk is another man's treasure! Staff will work with you to develop a flavor item, complete with custom description, that will be inserted into the world for the duration of the pledge. Please see additional Terms and Conditions.

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Esteemed Writer

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  • Add a Literature Item to DarksideRP
  • Element Duration: 1 month +
  • & Everything from the Supporter Tier


Do you absolutely love finding lore and literature in videogames? Now is your chance to have a custom book or letter inside the game! Staff will work with you to develop a book or letter item that players can find within the world for the duration of the pledge. It can be a short story, an immersive journal, an ancient text, an 'Easter-egg'... be creative! Please see additional Terms and Conditions. 

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About Darkside RP

DarksideRP was originally founded to provide passionate roleplayers and content creators an enjoyable server environment where our community can come together to focus on the roleplay above all else. We originally began as a very exclusive whitelisted server and have since, with the introduction of Atlas, expanded to also provide public servers where people new to RP can freely join and learn the basics of roleplay. 

We are currently running a 49-server 7 x 7 Atlas grid, where both public and whitelisted players can come together in the same world. This is no small feat, and our developers have created a custom whitelisting system to allow for both of these server types to exist in the same cluster.

Our community is over 7,000 members strong and growing bigger every day. If you would like to join us, DarksideRP is 100% free and run by community volunteers - We do not charge admission to our community but running costs are rising as population continues to increase, so every little bit of financial support helps keep Darkside running smoothly. Thank you!

Website: DarksideRP.net
Discord: Public DarksideRP Discord

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"Can I only pledge the amounts shown?" 
You can pledge as much or as little as you want! We just chose these two easy amounts as a starting point, but you can make a custom pledge according to whatever you can afford. 

“But if I give you my money, what are you going to do with it? ”
All money obtained through this Patreon, sits in a separate account to be used for server costs. As of right now, we're still in the middle of the growing pains associated with expanding from a small 600 member community (with a private 100 player server) to a giant 5000+ member community (with a public 2000+ player server) so we don't have a breakdown report available just yet. Rest assured, all the funds collected will be going toward keeping our 36 servers and the community website operational. Up until this point, we have kept DarksideRP running for an entire year without asking the community for financial help and we think that speaks a lot about our dedication to RP. Once we have a better picture of the total long term costs we will happily post a breakdown report.

"Why should I support you on Patreon if the server is already free?"
It has always been free to play on Darkside RP and it will remain that way, unfortunately, to sustain the current world size (and continue to grow), we have to ask for financial help. 36 servers, the website, bots and other features cost money to run and develop and it's becoming impossible for us to sustain with sponsorship and staff generosity alone. No matter your situation, you will always be able to play on Darkside RP for free but every bit of support helps us keep this dream alive.

"I can't afford to pledge monthly, but I want to support. Can I just donate instead?" 
Whether its one month or consistent monthly support, you can cancel your Patreon pledge at any time. If you are more comfortable making a one time donation, you can do so here: Donate Now

"I'm a patron... I get special treatment now, right?"
Nope! If you choose to financially support DarksideRP, you might get some extra warm fuzzy feelings, but we give every member the exact same treatment and if you break the rules, regardless of if you've pledged money to the server, you will suffer the same consequences. Supporting the server on Patreon earns you a pretty 'Benefactor' tag on Discord and that's about it. In the future, we might let Patrons get sneak peaks into future server changes and be a part of certain polls but this is not a 'Pay to Win' server.

"What are Seasonal rewards?"
Seasonal rewards are occasional perks that are only available at specific times. When the events occur, they are included with that patronage tier.

"What is Beta Testing?"
Becoming a supporter (or higher) will give you a chance to be invited to beta test upcoming features on the Darkside RP test server during limited testing events. Beta Testing occurs typically at the end of a season or during hiatus periods between seasons, especially preceding major content patches. These events are rare, scheduled in advance and only occur on specific days and times. Please note: Patrons are chosen at random to participate in each stress testing event. Becoming a patron does not guarantee participation opportunities.Randomly chosen patrons must sign an NDA prior to beta testing events.

"What are Designing Events?"
Designing Events are random short term events held by staff for Patrons whenever we would like community input on designing something new for the Darkside Universe. Most commonly, we'll ask the Patrons to submit their best names for various items such as Potions, Recipes, filler Island Names, and other small world additions. Please note: Becoming a patron does not guarantee that your design or suggestion will be chosen.

"If I pledge as a Cartographer I get to name an island?" 
Yes, you do! Cartographers get to choose the name for one island (applied at random). However, names -must- follow our naming convention, cannot be offensive and cannot be directly related to you or your character. All island names require admin approval and staff will work with you to decide on a name that makes all parties happy. Please note that you do not own these islands and have no right to the land there. This is just for fun!

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