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Patrons who donate $5 or more a month will receive an exclusive forum title AND section to post in on my website, http://thekingofhate.com ! In addition you'll be included in the nomination/voting process when Twitch channel subscriber milestones are hit;  you will be part of the decision process on what gets played during multiple events! In the past these have included: Patrons' Choice game playthroughs, which games that I play during mini-marathon events, and more!

This IS a recurring perk and will happen once a month for as long as you remain a $5 Patron, and you will receive all perks below this level as well.
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Patrons who donate $10 or more a month not only get all perks below this level but will receive a VERBAL thank-you shout-out during ongoing vlog series (including Ask the King, Hate LIVE! and possibly more) AS WELL AS once a month live on stream!

This IS a recurring perk and will happen once a month for as long as you remain a $10 Patron.
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Patreons who donate at least $20/month will receive PRIORITY ACCESS for Ask the King. This means that every month when I produce Ask the King, there will be a special segment for $20 (and above) donators! They will have a priority section to submit their questions on TheKingofHate.com and I will answer any questions posted there! NOTE: There will be guidelines established as to what kinds of questions can be asked; typically I do not want to discuss politics/religion/sex etc. as those are "hot topics" that can tend to polarize a viewing audience.

If you've ever wanted a GUARANTEE to get your question answered on Ask the King, this is it!

This IS a recurring perk and will happen once a month for as long as you remain a $20 Patron; in addition you will receive all perks below this level as well.




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About DarksydePhil

Since 2008, I have created independent, driven gaming content on YouTube. After being blindsided by the loss of my full-time office job in 2010, I became partnered and have been making video game live streams, playthroughs, and vlogs ever since! In 2013, I adopted direct capture and live streaming, and I now stream most days on Twitch.tv; adopting a more stream-focused style of gameplay content has proven incredibly successful over the last year, and reinvigorated my style of Let's Play! However, sadly in the Summer of 2018, my 8-year-running YouTube channel DSPGaming was demonetized due to factors outside of my control, and now I rely primarily on income from my Twitch streaming channel, as well as my Patreon, to keep going! YOUR SUPPORT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I pride myself on being an opinionated, yet independent source of content that streams/uploads on a daily basis. 

Pledging allows me to continue doing what I love, and what YOU love to watch daily, as a full-time job. Your pledges on Patreon directly aid in the daily cost of doing business such as electricity, internet fees, new game and equipment purchases, and more!

Patreon support has already MASSIVELY improved my business! I've tried out numerous game series for the first time (like Persona, Yakuza and Danganronpa) as a direct result of Patron events. I've become far more interactive on stream. And I get to do awesome things, like direct actions with my viewers for Q&A videos! Overall Patreon has allowed me to do things I never would have even thought of by myself, and my content has gotten all the better for it!

In exchange for your pledge, I will provide premium perks to those who choose to be ongoing Patrons of my work. I'll be keeping the most popular donations levels LOW so that as many people as possible can be a part of the Patreon experience!

Most importantly, THANK YOU for the NOW TEN YEARS of support! Let's keep it going and happy gaming!
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All goals are based on my Twitch channel performance, NOT on how many funds are raised here on Patreon.com; this is a big change from how I did things previous to 2018. However, if you pledge $5 or more monthly, you'll have access to the premium forum member reward tier, and you WILL be able to participate in some way in many of the upcoming events! For example: for November 2018, we've already hit the subscriber goals on Twitch, and so if you pledge $5 or more to my Patreon campaign this month, you'll be able to nominate and vote on games for my upcoming Holiday gaming marathon! Future events will work the same way!
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