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You gain access to most of my work, including single images, image sets, and free doujinshi/fan comics! You also gain the following benefits: 

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- Access to exclusive variant images (like nude/clothed, alternate color, text-less, and more), only available to Patrons!

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You gain the following benefits:

- Everything from the $1 and $5 tiers.

- Double voting power on the monthly sketch poll! Your vote counts as two votes!

- Vote in an exclusive poll to decide what sexual situation happens in the monthly sketch poll!

- Full access to the digital version of my Ys doujinshi/fan comic!

- Work files (.sai and .psd) available upon request!

- An early look at future releases! 




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Hi there, this is Darm of the Darm Engine doujin circle, and I would like to ask you to help me create lots of lovely hentai art, more than I ever could before! I very much enjoy making it, but I am sad that I'm not able to make more than I do. ;_;

But with your support, I can start to make this more of a regular thing!

I draw lots of Dragon Ball and fighting game related artwork, but also do plenty of other anime, manga, and video game fan art! Hetero images have been the most common, but I also love to do yuri, yaoi, and futanari images as well! I love it all! So if you want to see more hot, steamy pictures of your favorite characters, please consider supporting me on Patreon~ <3

All characters depicted are 18 years or older, all acts consensual.

$250 - reached! per month
When I reach $250, I will create a Dragon Ball doujinshi!

I have past experience in making doujinsh/fan comics, and I know that one featuring Dragon Ball characters is something my fans would like. This doujinshi would be at least 15 pages in length, and feature characters voted on by patrons of all tiers! Will it be Caulifla x Goku? Bulma x Vegeta? Cheelai x Broly? Perhaps even Android 18 x Andoid 17~

YOU will be the ones to decide!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 228 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 228 exclusive posts

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