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About Darot Games

Please, note the game is available for 64 bit Windows Operation Systems only.

Dear SAINTS, do not forget to check our comix (click the pic below)
about Milena Bell, Will Dargh, and some other characters from the Campaign

Darot Games Team:

Jack (project creator): game designer and source of the original concept. Fan of M:tG, cycling, and rock music. 
(developer): clubber, hobby-level DJ, and a happily married guy.
(artist): beautiful and open-minded art-addicted fae;
(community manager): constantly chattering on the Internet, shy in RL red-haired classic dancer.

We are from different parts of the world – Europe, Asia, and America.
We all have our main jobs but the love of the adult industry and video games has connected us together.

Our games:

Brothel City - is a unique adult city-builder game. We are sure a game should challenge the player even if it is an adult product – thus you’ll need to master the city-building part of the game to issue corrupting decrees and unlock adult illustrations. In Brothel City you will not find any images stolen from the Internet or soulless rendered pictures – every illustration in the game was created by our artists just for this game.

Slutholm - an adventure of the dream city. A young adult who comes back to his family mansion after his mother's death. You will have to train your skills, start and expand your relationship with characters especially the loving girls in town, and find out about the mystery of the life/death of your parents and the mansion. Every girl in town has her own story and style. When you go further in each of the storylines you just find yourself closer to the mystery of your family and best of all, lots of kinky relationships/sex...

What could be found in our games?
Romance (included), Lesbian, Masturbation (included), Blowjob (included), Boobjob, Handjob, Footjob, Vaginal (included), Anal (included), Domination (included), Mild BDSM, Ropes, Trios - FFM and MMF-, MILF, Striptease, Teasing, Costumes, Toying (included), Roleplay, Interracial (included), Exhibitionism (included), Voyeurism (included), Cheating (included), Corruption (included), Monster girls (included)

What will not be included?
Scatological, blood, cuts, pierces;
Sexual fetishes that are illegal or against ToS of Patreon;
We can't promise that topics that are not included in this list will appear in-game.
Do you think we have forgotten any of them? Nothing is set in stone! You can leave your ideas in the #suggestions channel of our Discord.

Please, always feel free to tell us what you think about the game (critics are also welcomed). If you have any suggestions about the game - we are constantly open to new ideas and lots of community suggestions have already been implemented in the game.

May the Boobs be with you!

Best regards,
Darot Games.
46% complete
We had some issues about background designing since last four month. Reaching this goal would let us hire a designer so creating new locations and bringing new girls to game will be possible.
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