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I know a dollar isn't much to some people, but to me, it's a hell of a lot. I know the value of a single dollar, you have my thanks!! And a link to my podcast, The Midnight Chill..;-)
Snippets, shorts.
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Every month I will have snippets of the current novel/story that I'm working on, and, I will also post a never before published short story.
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I will make available both Strings and Love's Curse in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB for you to download, also Abyss when it's released. Plus all other content.
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A monthly Q&A video inspired by you. Plus all other content.
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First look, first draft chapters of the current novel/project that I am working on. All feedback is appreciated. Plus all other content.
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Receive a signed paperback copy of either Strings or Love's Curse. Pledge for 6+ months consecutively and receive the second book! Plus all other content.




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About Darren Gallagher

Hi, I'm Darren. 
Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my Patreon.
So far in my writing journey I have published two books; Strings, and Love's Curse. Both books are set in the horror genre but I also write fantasy as well. My third book, Abyss, is due for release April 2018.
It is a hard sea out there in the Arts world, I hope some of you will join me in my dream of becoming a full time author.
I have so many stories to tell!
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The laptop I'm currently using is old, slow and crashes randomly. This goal would help me to buy a new one and produce much more content.
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