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There are no "tiers" here like you may have seen with other creators. Instead, feel free to donate as much or as little as you like. Regardless, you'll still receive all of the perks. The minimum donation is $1 per month, but if you’d like to donate more, you are simply amazing and I truly can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

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Hey there!

Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos and for checking out my Patreon! If you've ever watched, commented, shared, or subscribed to any of my work, that alone means the world to me and I can't thank you enough. However, if you would like to support the channel further and help it grow into something more, then you are in the right place.

My name is Daryl, and on my channel I make videos on the interaction between video games, psychology, and life. I've been doing this for a solid two years now, and I'm not stopping anytime soon. My dream is to create content for YouTube full time... which... admittedly isn't a very uncommon dream to have nowadays, haha. Full time YouTube feels like the "dude, let's start a band" of our generation. But I know deep down I've got it in me, and I'd love for you to be a part of that journey!

By pledging to my Patreon, you will be directly supporting the creation of all future videos. The money will be used for equipment/software to improve the production quality of Psych of Play, Game From The Heart, and any other crazy video ideas I have in store for you lovely folks. Microphones, soundproofing, video/infographic editing software, and time to invest in research and scriptwriting is what you'll be supporting through Patreon.

To be clear, I also pull in funding from YouTube Ad revenue through AdSense, and this does go back into the channel. However it is very subject to YouTube's faulty copyright review and does fluctuate quite a bit from month to month. Patreon allows me to have a much more steady source of income.

The content of future videos will almost always include gaming or psychology in some way, however at heart I am a creative risk-taker. So be aware that I may dip my toes into other topics such as movies, anime, music, wrestling, or education in the future. Though I can promise that quality always comes first regardless of the topic, and I will always return to my main series Psych of Play. It's kind of my baby. 

>Important notice to Patron Supporters: 

My donation type is "per month" and not "per video". Which means that if you donate 1 dollar per month, regardless of how many videos I post in any given month, you will only be charged 1 dollar.

I have it set this way because I will be producing at least one video essay per month. If I had it set to "per video", you'd be charged twice if I happened to drop 2 video essays in a month. So if I happen to do a second or third video, there will be no extra charges.

>The Benefits ;)

Patreon Exclusive Content: 
Once monthly I'll release a commentary on old videos I've created. I'll take you through the research, the editing decisions, stuff that didn't make the final vid, etc. I'll also answer questions from the comments of the featured video, and may even just reminisce about what going on in my life during the making of it. Consider it a super chill behind-the-scenes peak at where the channel has been, and how that has shaped where it's going. I’ll also be sharing my recommendations for psychology related articles and videos that you might find interesting!

Patreon Exclusive Voting:
Sometimes, I have a few videos on the backburner and can't decide which to make next. Sometimes I will be stuck in between 2-3 different thumbnails for a video. Sometimes I may just need an extra set of eyes or opinions when making a decision on a video. Want to be a part of those decisions? As a Patron for the channel, you can be! I'll be taking polls regularly to keep you in the loop on my creative process.

Early Access to new Videos:
As an active Patron, when a new video drops, you will receive a link to the unlisted video on YouTube 24 hours before it goes fully live! You get an early peek at the episode and a better chance at that oh so coveted “first” comment ;)

Your Name in the Credits:
By pledging at least 1 dollar a month, your name will be listed at the end of every single one of my videos, so long as you remain a patron. I've seen channels do this for a long time now and I think it's a super classy way to recognize those that make creating content possible. So as a genuine thank you for being a part of this journey and supporting my channel, your name (as you'd like it to appear*) will appear at the end of any future videos so long as you are a patron.

*No over the top profanity/obscenities in the name if you don't mind, haha. If you insist, it will be censored at my discretion. 
$40 of $500 per month
If I hit $500 per month, I would be able to afford a significant upgrade to my setup (mic, soundproofing, stronger video and animation software). With a stronger editing software and setup, videos would come out more quickly and at a higher quality. If I hit this tier I will make it a priority to release Game from the Heart episodes (which are more motivational/inspiring) more frequently to compliment Psych of Play (Educational/Entertaining).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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