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About Disability and Sexuality Access Network (DASANetwork)

The Disability and Sexuality Access Network is a diverse community of people from numerous fields and media who are passionate about advocating and educating about disability, sex, and sexuality. While a handful of similar groups working on local levels (such as in the San Francisco Bay Area and in London, England) exist, no other groups bring together sex/uality and disability on a wider scale.

We are here to bring accessible, unifying change to the fight for disability liberation as well as to the sexual freedom movement. These two causes very much capture the modern Zeitgeist as the Baby Boomers continue to age, our government and courts legalize more intolerance, and the largest tech corporations become more censorious.

Disabled sexuality has long been taboo. It’s resulted in horrific, inhumane acts of violence, from forced sterilization to genocide, from withholding sexual education and access to sexual health, to sexual abuse and incest. The Disability and Sexuality Access Network acknowledges these atrocities and agrees with numerous human rights organizations that we are living in the time for radical change. Now is the time for disabled sexuality to be recognized and accepted.

Join us! Your contribution can help us reach our short- and long-term goals.

At bare minimum we need $60 per month in operating costs for 2020!
We are committed to financial transparency; our 2019 budget can be accessed at dasanetwork.org/budget. Any additional money raised in 2019 will roll over to 2020's financial needs.

We are working on curating and creating a range of opportunities in our seven core focus areas: the Sex & Disability Archive, Members-only Resources, Networking, Public Resources, Advocating for Accessibility, Education, and Supporting Others:

  • The Disability and Sexuality Access Network’s Sex and Disability Archive.
  • Members-only resources: a provider director of our members; classified ads; decentralized (not on social media or 3rd party app) forum for private discussions; ongoing collaborative skill shares on how to improve accessibility and inclusiveness, and access to a massive event calendar. What used to be this enormous spreadsheet of conferences and other events will now be on DASANetwork’s site and updated weekly.
  • Networking: events as well as promoting the work of our members.
  • Public resources: a member-directory for press inquiries and speaking opportunities, etc.; product reviews for anything pertaining to disability and sexuality; a Q&A section where site visitors can submit questions about disabled sexuality (similar to a frequent advice column); and a knowledge base that integrates with the public and members-only sections of the website — this provides an accessible dictionary for our content so that terms need not be repeatedly explained and also creates a section of the website like a dictionary or Wikipedia where all of our defined terms will be in one place.
  • Advocating for accessibility at events and in organizations.
  • Creation and offering of various education formats: accessible pamphlets, booklets, presentations, zines, etc. that can be downloaded and shared from our website; webinars for various skill/education levels; workshops that members can teach anywhere; AASECT Core Knowledge Areas on disabilities; Sexual Attitude Reassessments (SARs) on disabilities; certification programs for sex educators about disability; certification programs for independent living center providers about sexual health; and continuing education credits for medical practitioners about disabled sexuality.
  • Supporting Others by providing sponsorships and scholarships to disabled people involved with sex/uality projects.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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