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About DasCosplayz

Hello there! I am DasCosplayz and everything I do with cosplay is something I am enjoying! There are many cosplayers out there who are rocking it! I am one more trying to make sure that I can entertain where I am needed.

Cosplaying for me is fun and that is what I am trying to do with this. However, that fun can get mighty expensive. With the multiple ideas for cosplays I have, there is only a limited budget I have to be able to put these works together! That is where you all come in. With your donation, I can offer you a lot of perks depending on my time!


Why Did You Begin Cosplaying?
It started when I went to my first con and I got the interest. I spoke to other cosplayers who have a similar attitude towards cosplay as I did and it was fun getting to know what I was getting into.

Aren't You Too Old For Cosplay?
True, most cosplayers are in their teens and early 20's but I feel that the older I get, the more realistic some of my cosplays can be! I do have a wish to cosplay as Archibald from Umbrella Academy!
What's The End Goal?
I want that verified badge on my Insta and Twitter and Facebook. Something about that shows that I have put in the hard work and accomplished my goal. If there is money along the way, so be it. I am not quitting my day job as it has my retirement in the end.

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I will make do a dance stream on my Twitch channel
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