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About Dataport

We are Matt Hunter (Mechlo, chip artist and promoter), Sasha Orme (chip promoter and journalist), and Roger Braunstein (videographer). We want Dataport to be everything the chipscene wants and needs. We want to bring chiptune to the world.

We are also holding a semi-regular concert series with chiptune acts from all over the country (hopefully the world) and we want to bring that to everyone where ever you may live. We have been video taping and recording each show but it'll cost money to get a regular video series and podcast out to you.

The chiptune scene in the Northwest US (and all over the world) could use a close knit community for demos, news, shows, community, and media. There are stories about technology, passion, experimentation, and coming together that deserve to be told. We want to tell these stories in the written, audio, and video format.
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We are hosting video, audio, and a place to put our website. This goal will allow this portion to be completely self-sustaining.
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