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Hello friend! What better way for the price of a cup of coffee (and a bagel if you aren't into that fancy s*it) to connect with yourself & others! We're so excited to bring you this audio series as we've both personally seen drastic results when doing these types of exercises. And the best part: it comes directly to your podcast feed if you'd like!  In addition, you'll get some other killer benefits to help you #staydateable. 
  • Guided Monthly Challenge: Audio Prompts & Exercises
  • Prioritized Questions for the monthly AMA
  • 10% off Dateable Merch

Friends with Benefits

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It's all about the benefits, baby! In addition to everything in the Friends tier, you’ll also get access to the live ‘Dateable After-show’ which will be an interactive event with Yue.& Julie and experts that have been on Dateable – it's like you're on your own podcast able to ask any questions directly! Our first event is the Dating Council on 10/29 that you do not want to miss! Not only will you be thoroughly entertained, but we guarantee you'll learn a trick or two.
  • Monthly Live Interactive Event
  • Guided Monthly Challenge: Audio Prompts & Exercises
  • Prioritized Questions for the monthly AMA
  • 15% off Dateable Merch

Exclusive Relationship

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per month
So now we're exclusive, huh? For a limited amount of Dateable listeners, we'll be doing 1:1 chats over virtual coffee where you can pretty much ask us anything about your love life. In addition to this super personalized time, you'll get everything in the Friends and Friends with Benefits tiers. You are SO Dateable now! 
  • Monthly 1:1 coffee chat with Julie & Yue
  • Monthly Live Interactive Event
  • Guided Monthly Challenge: Audio Prompts & Exercises
  • Prioritized Questions for the monthly AMA
  • 20% off Dateable Merch


Hello! We're Julie & Yue and we're so excited to welcome you to The Sounding Board by the Dateable podcast. This is a true extension of the podcast and Facebook where we'll provide all the wisdom and guidance in a much more intimate and real-time way. 

Let's face it: it's a weird time to be dating
...maybe you're back on the dating scene after a breakup, divorce, or time off
...or you've recently entered a new relationship and want to feel confident in it
....or you just want to know how to navigate dating in this new COVID-19 world

And let's say you are dating or in a relationship. Inevitably something comes up that throws you for a loop.
.....Is anyone else experiencing this?
....Is there another way I could be looking at this situation?
...does anyone else get what I'm really going through?
....WWJ&Y do?

We want you to feel empowered & in control of your love life. Dating and relationships can be scary because they force us to put a magnifying glass upon ourselves. But we want you to have the wisdom and intelligence to take on anything life throws at you, especially when it comes to love.

You’ve come to the right place! Get ready to become your most dateable self – which in turn will allow you to create the love life you’ve always wanted. Depending on your tier, you'll get guided audio exercises, prompts, and challenges + interactive live events + even 1:1 time with us.  You’ll connect with us + a community of diverse, intelligent, and introspective women AND men that can support you throughout your journey.

In addition to all this, you’re also helping support the podcast you know and love. As independent creators, this allows us to keep the podcast going in a way that is unfiltered, uncensored, real, and honest. Our mission with Dateable is to help people like you show up fully in the version of a relationship that works best for YOU. And most importantly: have an amazing and fulfilling relationship with yourself – whether you have a partner or not. We are so excited about The Sounding Board as we deeply believe it’ll help you learn and grow, all while having some fun along the way.

So join today - it’s completely risk-free:
  • You can cancel at any time, easily. Patreon allows for easy cancelation right through their site. If you cancel, you will have access for the rest of your paid-for period
  • Your payment is safe and secure. Your payment is SSL-encrypted and Patreon doesn’t store your payment details ever.
  • Awesome customer support: If you need anything, Julie, Yue and our team will be happy to help.
Stay Dateable,
Yue & Julie


When does everything start and how does billing work? 
The inaugural event is going to be on Thursday, Oct 29th at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST. The first 'Monthly Challenge' will be released on Thurs Nov 5th. You will be billed when you sign up but we will skip the Nov billing cycle for all members that sign up in November essentially giving the rest of October for free including the event. You'll then be billed again for Dec 1st. For anyone that signs up after Oct 31st, you'll be billed the day you sign up and then again on Dec 1st.
Can you tell me more about what’s included?
We sure can! ‘The Monthly Challenge’ is in the form of an exclusive podcast episode with guided promtps and exercises that you can listen to on your podcast feed or within Patreon. Each month, we’ll help you reframe your mindset on common challenges by giving you actionable tips to put into practice. You’ll be able to reflect on the changes either on your own or in an optional discussion group with others in the community.

The ‘Dateable After-Show’ is a monthly hour-long interactive event with the Dateable team or fireside chats with past guests. You’ll be able to participate in the event and/or ask the questions you’re dying to know in a more intimate setting. There will also be a chance to break-out with smaller groups when applicable to foster your connections more deeply with other members.

The ‘Dating Council’ is a way to bring your dating questions or dilemmas directly to Yue & Julie in a private setting. You’ll be able to sign up once a month for a 20 minute slot to present your conundrum and get some sound advice. This is limited to 10 members right now due to our bandwidth.

See the tiers to decide what works best for you. All tiers also include discounts on Dateable merch in addition to having priority access to asking questions during the monthly ask-us-anything Livestream.

When do these events happen?
On the first Thursday of every month, you’ll receive the guided monthly challenge. You can listen to this whenever but we recommend starting after it’s released to maximize your month!

The second Thursday of the month will be the public ask-us-anything live stream via the Facebook group followed by a virtual happy hour. You’ll be able to add your questions up until midnight the Wednesday before.

The third Thursday of every month will be the Dateable after-show virtual live event. If you can’t attend, you’ll be able to watch the video whenever.

The fourth Thursday of every month will be the monthly challenge discussion group which will be part of the weekly virtual happy hour. All events happen at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST.

How do I listen to the guided monthly challenge?
You will get a personalized podcast feed that you can add to your favorite podcast app that supports a private RSS feed. You can listen directly through Apple Podcasts, Castro, Downcast, Overcast, PocketCasts, Podcast Addict, and more. After adding the private feed once, you’ll automatically get each new episode every month. It’s pretty straight forward but will send you instructions after joining and will be available for support if you need it. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow for private RSS feeds but you can also listen via the Patreon app or website.

Where do these events take place?
The virtual event will be via a zoom link that will be sent through Patreon to members. The ask-us-anything live-stream will be via Facebook live in the Facebook group. The happy hours will continue in Facebook rooms within the Facebook group. The monthly challenge discussion group will also take place in ‘The Sounding Board VIP Lounge’ Facebook room.

Do I have to participate in events?
Nope, if you want a solo experience, you can purely listen to the guided monthly challenge. It is completely optional to participate in the discussion around it. If you want to watch the live stream or the Dateable after-show, you can also do that via video.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions!

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