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About So You're Dating A Vegan

When we started SYDV four years ago, it was a creative way for us to find common ground through cooking, while showing that eating vegan can be easy and fun. Since then we've been thrilled to see our audience grow and to hear that our channel has helped people become vegan or simply introduced delicious recipes and products made from plants 👍

We make our videos when we're not doing our "real" jobs. (Liz works in music management and Duncan is a freelance filmmaker). The average video takes about 20 hours to produce, plus expenses for stuff like ingredients, batteries, hard drives, etc. We want to make videos more often but we're not the clickbait / sponsored by / influencer types. So any contribution you make helps us keep doing what we do while staying honest with you and true to ourselves.

Thank you for checking out our Patreon page. We hope you join us but if not that's totally cool. Be well!

- Duncan & Liz

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