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Who am I?
I am but a humble lesbian of color who is sick and tired of having to beg for crumbs. We lesbians already have so little media, and yet so much of it is terrible. I’m sick of watching lesbians die, or worse. I’m sick of having to watch six seasons for one kiss. I’m sick of lesbian media being written by everyone but lesbians. We deserve better. I’m trying to create that. We deserve happy endings too.

Why do I need a Patreon?
I work 9 hours a day as an independent contractor. It is barely enough to scrape by. And it’s not at all the type of job I’d like to be doing. Not to mention I really hate my job. But, I want to write. I’m hoping anything I make from Patreon will allow me to take some days off, donate to women’s organizations, and just pay my bills. 

What do I want?
I want to write stories for myself and my sisters. I want to give us the adventures, the heroes, the happy endings we so desperately need and deserve. I’d love to be able to write full time. But we’ll see how that goes, huh?

I want time. My journal is bursting at the seems. It’s so full of ideas. I want less time working for people who see me as nothing but a tool, and more time writing these stories. 

I want you to come along on these adventures with me!

How you can help?
Become a patron! I would be forever grateful. You would be helping me fulfill a lifelong dream. You can help me create stories for lesbians, by lesbians.

Can’t commit monthly? Not to worry! Here’s a link to my Kofi page.

Don’t forget to share with your friends.

My Patreon Goal
My ultimate goal is to write full time. I want to fully dedicate my time and energy into creating content that is meaningful to my sisters and I. But... In the meantime, I just want to create something that might make a few of you happy. 

Artwork and hiring an editor cost money. 

If things go well, I can create physical books containing my stories. 

Eventually, I want to give a portion of what I make to a lesbian/women's organization. As my  patron, you can help me which organization to donate to every month. Gotta spread the wealth, you feel me?

What do you get?
You’ll get access to everything I write Including early access to serial chapters, depending on the tier you select.

One day, Mother Sappho willing, I’ll be able to create physical books.

Most importantly, you get lesbian stories with happy endings and no dead lesbians. I mean, that’s the whole goal, isn’t it?

Lastly, you get my eternal gratitude. 

Check out my store at
$37 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I’ll start posting videos. Additionally, I’ll commission art from lesbian artists. 
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