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About Dave Asher

My name is Dave, and I am a musician who lives with Bipolar 1. Following a hospitalization early in 2018,  I started "Crazy! Right?" a podcast where I interview people about their mental health, while improvising music on the piano.

What began as a way to help focus my recovery in the aftermath of a manic episode, has turned into something that has the opportunity to impact a larger audience, and give a voice to many people who struggle with Depression, Bipolar, Addiction, Anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD, as well as those who treat and care for it.

You can help this podcast reach a larger audience and sustain its production costs.

I have experienced first hand the power that comes across when people tell their story. This podcast gives me the opportunity to relate to people, not just as someone in an interview with a mental health diagnosis, but also as a human being interacting with people in day to day situations. I would be so very grateful, if you would help me in sharing this relationship with more people.

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In my life, things are always evolving.  This podcast wouldn't exist if I hadn't first been hospitalized,  and filled a need to do something more.  If we can get to 10 Patrons, that will be a sign that I am on the right track.  
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