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  • Happiness, satisfaction and validation for both of us. Mostly me though.
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About Dave Barrack

My name's Dave Barrack and
I'm creating Grrl Power.

It's a slice of life comic about superheroines, focusing not so much on superhero battles (though that does happen), but on characters, humor, having fun with the genre tropes and sometimes I slip in a pop-culture reference here or there.

Thanks to everyone's support, the comic now updates on Mondays and Thursdays! Being a full color comic page instead of a 4 panel strip means they take a lot of time to create, so I'm pretty tapped out at two a week, but who knows, maybe one day I can bump it up to 3 a week or maybe even do a Grrl Power After Dark spinoff. The ultimate goal of course is to trade my car in for a flying solid gold palanquin while being waited on by a plethora of piñatas, I mean... tanned attendants, but one step at a time.

With enough support I could hire a colorist, do the comic full time, or even both, all of which would mean more comics. Good for me, good for you guys.

Here's some of the fun that's been
had so far, in no particular order:

$4,000 - reached! per month
Wow! I originally had something here about attending more conventions buuuut... well, who knows when that will happen again. If this tier looks to be sustainable, I might drop the ads from the page. Google ad sense doesn't like my cartoon cleavage anyway.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 571 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 571 exclusive posts

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