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Hello Hello!

Happy to see you found your way here 🙂 We’re seriously excited about Patreon because it allows us to fund projects independently without advertisements, corporate sponsorship, or investors 💪

In 2018 we received a big award (Thanks Famae! 🏆) that enabled us to develop Precious Plastic version 4 and grow our organization to a big volunteer community of over 40 people. However, after one year of working, we’re trying to establish a full time core team so we can sustain working on these projects into the future.

Who are we?

We are a group of people - designers, engineers, film makers, business people, architects, chefs and more - tackling some of the most pressing global problems. Don’t need to remind you, you know them already: climate change, plastic pollution, e-waste and the likes. All our solutions are distributed open source and free, so everyone can start tackling these problems too.

Projects we work on:

Precious Plastic 2013 - Now
  • 40+ video tutorials for starting your own small recycling workspace
  • A download kit with machine blueprints and CAD drawings, manuals, logos, etc
  • A peer to peer marketplace for buying & selling Precious Plastic machines, parts, and products (over 1K products sold)
  • A map for people to locate machine builders, Precious Plastic workspaces, and people wanting to contribute their skills all over the world (12K pins)
  • An online forum with over 70k people collaborating on local implementations and sharing knowledge

Project Kamp 2020
  • A solid plan for developing replicable sustainable living communities. Stay tuned for updates in early 2020!

Phonebloks 2013
  • A media campaign that reached over 22 million people and inspired Google to launch project Ara, a mass market modular phone (more about that here)

One Army Platform2019 - Now
  • An online platform tool for communities to tackle global problems through crowdsourced solutions (beta released in October 2019)

Story Hopper 2017
  • 30+ videos covering topics like the darkside of data, how to get free food, and living with monks in Cambodia.

So why do we need your help?

Making videos, engineering machines, designing products, maintaining a community of tens of thousands and open sourcing takes resources. Money. A LOT of money. And given that we share everything for free there is little money coming in :)

First we need a (big) space to work and develop our technologies, second we need money to buy materials and machines for cutting edge development, and last but not least we need money to pay people enough to live.

Each amount you contribute helps us keep all our projects free, open source and available for everyone in the world. Projects that empower and connect a global community to solve the world's greatest environmental challenges -- pushed forward by the support of all of you, together! Truly from people for people :)

Supporting this page will make it possible to do more, better, bigger projects like this in the future 🌍

80% complete
Let’s just say right now we’re...losing money :) Help us pay the bills. We work in a pretty big space, with big costs. Electricity alone for 2019 was 25K
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