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Welcome and thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I will be honored if you would join me in this journey. My name is David Villanueva, and I am the CEO and Creative Director for GEN3SYS Studios (HAV3NS Saga).

We at GEN3SYS Studios are currently a small team of artists and developers who basically support the studio out of our own pockets. We all have different day jobs, ranging from IT, and lifeguard, to University Art Professor, and we all invest out of our own time and resources to make all this happen.

This journey began in 2015, and it didn’t take long for us to realize just how immense of a challenge this was/is, as we are creating not only a AAA open-world video game, but a series of novel books and a collection of Graphic Novels presenting a deep and gripping story.

The video game itself, which is our main focus point at the moment, takes an enormous amount of work. Thankfully we have a team of young people who are currently supporting us with their talent, as part of an internship. (Including voice actors, 3D artists, music composers, programmers, among others).

I invite you to experience HAV3NS (Three Havens), a captivating story, with imperfect characters, like you and me, in a journey to find redemption and purpose. You will find an action-packed experience, as well as a grounded narrative that reflects upon the deeper truths of our reality and the true cosmic battle taking place in our realm. We hope to empower you to realize that YOU have a very important role to play in it and inspire you to take your place amongst the LEGENDS.


David E. Villanueva
CEO & Creative Director
GEN3SYS Studio.

By joining our community, you will support the creation of our Video-Game, Novel Books, and Graphic Novels!

Follow our latest news and advancements here: www.facebook.com/hav3ns
Find us on Instagram @hav3nsgame
Write to us: [email protected]

HAV3NS Synopsys

Not even the brightest minds were suited to predict the dangers of accelerating particles, closer and closer to the speed of light, nor could they fathom the depth of the deceptions from the dark ones.

It's 2029. A man-caused disaster has turned the world into a wasteland. "Three Havens", a mysterious Island in the subarctic pacific ocean is no exception.

This devastation is believed to have been caused by the powerful collisions of a Mega Hadron Collider (a massive machine that some consider to be more powerful than a thousand nuclear bombs) The disaster is now known simply as "The Event".

In the midst of this chaos, Nine individuals live their stories along six different time periods of history, Each one will rise to play a crucial role in the struggle to save the island from the madness that is now prevalent. These stories, are Nine pieces to a puzzle, thousands of years in the making; they are unaware that their stories are deeply connected by forces they fail to understand. So they begin this journey which will unravel an unseen, ancient evil that lurks beyond; and that threatens to change the island - and even reality itself - forever.

HAV3NS is a compelling tale where fiction meets reality: bringing together real-life, cutting-edge technology with the legendary accounts of archaic civilizations; futuristic science with mythical Warriors and epic battles; all whilst elucidating about the mysteries preserved by ancient secret societies and the battle for the destiny of humanity.

Jump straight into this amazing story, by requesting a complimentary copy of Fragment 01 of the HAV3NS Novel books, at no cost for you here: 

ENGLISH: https://forms.gle/DvChuoh7e4baq2Ex9

ESPAÑOL: https://forms.gle/iF177qXG7zqv1JJY7

Please, don’t forget to check our tier section to learn about all the amazing rewards you can receive! -->

Why join?

Creating a videogame and an engaging set of novels and comics, does not come without a cost, and becoming the first full-time employee at our indie studio has proven to be quite a formidable challenge. (Still working on it). Even though costs are not astronomically high at this point; every expense comes out of our own pockets, and we have now reached a point in which this awesome project is demanding more and more of our time and resources.

Every member of our team has a fire within them, driving them to excel at what they do, in order to bring this project to its apex. However, we all need to be able to put food on our tables as we do it. It’s just the way life works.

As a husband, and father of two teenagers, and the Creative Director / Lead story writer for GEN3SYS indie studios, I am required to focus more and more on the production aspects of this project, which takes a significant amount of time and resources.

Giving is about making a change and does not require for you to contribute by cutting a big check. Please do not feel obligated in any way to donate if you are low on income. We will continue to develop this amazing project for YOU because it is our passion and our main goal is to make a difference. Of course, this will be so much better and be ready a whole lot sooner, (more frequently in the case of literary content) if you do support us.

Thank you for helping us to create this universe!

Here is some of the work involved in creating our Universe: 

As I mentioned before, creating a Universe comprised of an AA Open World Video Game, along with a series of Novel Books and a Collection of Graphic Novels is a gargantuan task!

We strive to create an engaging universe (story and gameplay) and cutting-edge visuals (almost photorealistic, when it comes to the Video Game), realistic combat and survival, all in an intuitive and organic environment.

Here is a very brief description of SOME of the areas in which we work every day:

Conceptual Art and Visual Composition
Most of what you see in a video game probably started as a concept art piece. From the environments and characters to the weapons and props, you see on the final game aspects such as the color palette or ambient lighting are also drawn from the artist’s initial concept images.

Since our story is grounded in a realistic world, we are striving to achieve the highest level of graphic realism permitted by the latest game-engine technologies. Our Visual Art Director, Luis Aguilar, is not only a Visual arts university professor, but also an experienced realistic painter with more than 45 years of experience.

He not only leads the concept art team, but also, his insight on the digital rendering aspects such as lighting, color, and visual composition, really brings the quality of the narrative itself, to a higher level. His visual compositions throughout the game and artwork, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they allow players to navigate the terrain in a very intuitive and organic way; which makes the experience even more immersive and allows them to experience the story in a deeper manner.

Programming A.I. User Experience, etc.
In my opinion, this is the most evident part of the video-game-making process. Andreé Villanueva, our technical Director, is not only a hardcore gamer who has participated in professional gaming competitions, but he is a brilliant Computer Science Expert.
He brings together, areas of the production such as the Game Artificial Intelligence and Animation, to create the Player experience and Gameplay. We could fill endless pages talking about the complexity of this aspect alone. But of course, we won’t, for now.

Level Design
Lead Level Designer, Luis Alejandro Peiró, is a young architect, currently studying production in Sydney Australia. His work is focused on creating coherent terrains, (topography), buildings, towns, cities, and spaces in general; in which the story takes place. All the above, in such a way that it feels as if you are exploring a sound and coherent world.

Three Havens is an ambitious Open World Terrain. We are striving to create over TWO THOUSAND square miles of terrain to explore, with dynamic lighting (day-night cycles) and dynamic weather (clouds, fog, rain, snow, etc). Not an easy task, yet we are up for the challenge!

Audio - Voice acting, Music and Sound FX/Foley
Everything we hear in a video game has to be created. There are three main areas in which audio plays a part in creating a video game. Music, Foley/Audio effects, and Voice acting.

As far as music goes, I personally wrote the Main title a few months ago, I woke up at 3 am with the inspiration for it. Even though most of the Music production is being carried out by young composers and performers, and the mastering will hopefully take place in Sidney.

Creating Audio Effects and Foley is another big Challenge. From ambient sounds to every cracking, tapping, breathing, and footstep for our game. You can imagine now.

Finally, Voice acting, which will be conducted in both English and Spanish, as many of our followers speak these languages. We have (and are still looking for) a team of incredibly talented voice actors and actresses who will bring these characters to life. But we can talk about voice acting later, as it is directly related to another part of the process.

3D Modeling and Animation
This part of the process consists of the creation of the terrain, buildings, vehicles, weapons, characters, and visual effects that will appear in every level. Most of these we call “Assets”.
Of course, all these assets need to be HD textured and prepared for them to look almost photorealistic, which takes a great deal of time. Some of them might also need to be destructible, and/or need manual animation, mainly referring to objects and animals that require so.

On the other hand, character movement, rely primarily on motion capture and facial tracking.

Motion Capture
For character movement, we use full-body motion capture, in addition, for cutscene performance we will use facial tracking to capture their expressions as they perform, allowing a completely natural performance with live actors on set. Not only will this add realism to the game, but it will give it the cinematic atmosphere we are looking for.

In full measure, we are aiming to recording the voice acting during live performances as well.

A fundamental aspect of our game is that we want to present an unprecedented combat system. One based on real-life combat and firearms operation. In order to achieve realistic fighting sequences, we are not only recording them using motion capture, but all the performers are subject to a complete and extensive combat training under the supervision of my father, Grand Master Mario Villanueva, who has over 55 years of experience as a contact fighting master, as well as a Military and Law enforcement instructor.

Since I am a military and law enforcement firearms instructor as well, I also train and direct the performers in dynamic tactical firearms operation.

The result is turning out to be a very complex, but fluid combat system, with very dynamic and engaging sequences. All this will be played through an intuitive control system so that players can react naturally to the threats they may encounter throughout the game.

Story Writing
Finally, there is the Story-Writing part; that is my direct responsibility. This involves the full storyline for the game, which includes the nine playable characters in six different eras in time; (along with every side quest and mission) as well as the Full Novel Book Series and the Graphic novel collection, already in production, both in bilingual format (English and Spanish).

Of course, I take part in every other process in the game, such as visual art, music, in-engine work, motion capture, and voice acting performance.

This is no simple task, I am sure you can imagine. I am so blessed and grateful to have such an amazing team to support me in every area.

When it comes to writing, a good friend of mine, who is a professional in the field, helps me so much, especially now that my eyesight has been affected. She basically goes through everything I write and as a professional translator, she also helps me with the English-Spanish translations. She is actually, the voice and motion capture performer for one of the Main Characters in the Game, she plays “Korayne Perl” in the game.

The HAV3NS storyline is basically 9 stories merged into one. So far, we have outlined over 243 chapters, divided into three novel books. The graphic novels and the video game take it even further.

You can expect to find a deep and complex story that - we hope - will inspire you.

So, What is behind the HAV3NS Story?

Set sail on a journey to uncover the hidden scheme that has been at play since the beginning of time. The great conspiracy that has been carried out underground by both visible and invisible forces. An ancient counter-plot that originated in antediluvian times, when according to many credible accounts, Elysian, interdimensional beings broke through the “cosmic veil”, descended to earth, and co-mingled their genetics with the seed of mankind; imparting cryptic knowledge about technology, and mythical spiritual powers previously unknown to man.

“Truth is stranger than fiction” - Mark Twain

HAV3NS is a fictional story. Yet it is a grounded story with a few fantastic elements and not the other way around. It is based in true history and scientific facts.

Almost every single one of the world's earliest cultures have legends describing the same ancient events: Heavenly beings which came down from the heavens, to merge their genetics with mankind. The resulting offspring were "mighty men"; also known as "Nephilim", “Gibborim”, "Hybrid Giants" ("Heroes" or "demigods" in other cultures).

Another element, these legends share is the arcane knowledge distributed down to mankind by these higher entities, their epic wars, and a devastating cataclysm that wiped the face of the earth.

The “Hybrid Offspring” narrative, is not only mentioned in the Bible itself (Genesis 6), but in the enigmatic Book of Enoch I, as well as in - more controvertible - literature such as the Book of giants, the book of Jasher and others. These works elaborate in depicting the times and events when "The Watchers" descended to earth, and all sorts of mighty creatures populated the pre-flood world.

The sedition survived the flood cataclysm, and then sprouted back during Sumerian times; times which modern historians consider to be "the cradle of human civilization". Thus the land of Shinar witnessed the rise of a Mighty Hunter; Nimrod; who many credit as the man behind the construction of the tower of Babel. Various records indicate that Nimrod not only wanted to "reach heaven", but that he did strive - foolishly - to "pierce the veil" in order to storm the heavens and wage war against the Almighty. There are also indications that suggest that Nimrod may have reacquired the secret knowledge relayed by the Watchers, in order to "become Mighty"; knowledge from which then "paganism" would derive.

This materialized through Paganism spreading throughout the world, and their "knowledge of the fallen ones", became a precious asset; to be protected by select groups of people by means of secrecy. These Secret societies became the guardians of the unholy enlightenment, and branched out of the pagan religions, to the occult disciplines such as kabbalah, Alchemy, and Wicca, among others; guarded by secluded groups such as the Free-Masons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, New-Atlantians, and many others. Most members of these elites, allegedly belong to a corrupted bloodline that originates in ancient times, and some claim it includes renowned historical characters such as Pythagoras, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Rothschild, and most of the royal bloodlines of earth, among others. Hence personages in world history have often followed occult knowledge as a basis for their conquests and expansions; from the old kingdoms, to the Third Reich; in which the esoteric (Mdm. Blavatski, Vril, The black sun, Maria Osric) played a key part of its essence.

"In this way the old dream of the philosophic empire descended from the ancient world to modern time. Secret societies still exist, and regardless of the intemperance of the times, they will continue to flourish until the Quest is complete. For more than three thousand years, secret societies have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world." - Manly P. Hall

Dr. Michael Lake, calls this “The Five-Thousand-year Game, as “These Globalist, Luciferian elites, have used every nation on the planet as chess pieces on a board, and their conspiracy - which derives from the occult - works at multiple levels, impregnating religion, politics, economy, and scientific establishments. This last level mentioned, brings us to modern times, when they have captured the financial means to fulfill their scheme, and are developing the technologies that will allow them to complete their initial directive.

They have patiently played the "Five-thousand-year game" in order to position themselves in a place of control… and many believe it is time for their final move.”

Timothy Alberino explains:
“The occult, arts and science, have always been fundamentally entwined. The natural "Symmetry" that binds them is perhaps best illustrated in one man: Sir Francis Bacon, who is widely considered to be "the father of modern science" (the primary proponent of the Scientific Method), - many even believe him to be the face behind the pseudonym: William Shakespeare - and was himself an occultist, artist and scientist; and member of the "mystery schools" and secret societies.

When one penetrates deeply enough within the realm of physics, one discovers inevitably, the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual. Occultists have always been aware of this fact. For members of the mystery schools such as Bacon, deciphering the mechanisms of the material world is nothing but the means to an end; to make contact with the entities lurking at the other side of the veil. This veil is often described as a dimensional doorway that allows access into realms beyond the perceivable world. The concept of the existence of other dimensional realms, existing in the same space we occupy is widely accepted by the scientific community.

Many top physicists are quietly hoping that the proton collisions occurring at the LHC, will puncture the fabric of our dimensional confine, and allow us to breach into another dimension or "alternate universe". Some of these scientists have not been so quiet about this intent:

"The Large Hadron Collider could open a doorway to an extra dimension and out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it" - Sergio Bertolucci, director for research & scientific computer at CERN

It is no mystery that scientists (...) want to open a doorway; the question is, "What may come through?"

The pinnacle of science, for the elite occult practitioners, is not discovery, but "Contact". There are many indications that the power-players of our world are preparing to make contact with the "gods" of the old world. Allegedly leaked information indicates that transparent panels containing arcane texts were photographed inside the CERN facilities. The texts have been described as "greetings" or "invocations" written in ancient languages including Aramaic, Hebrew, Mandarin and Sanskrit (Sumerian). Sanskrit, which was considered "the language of the gods", can only be read by the old scholars of the Vedas. These writings may be prepared thus, for the "somethings" coming out of the doorways.”

HAV3NS explores all these ideas, as it presents us a fictional world, where these portals may have already been opened, all within a setting which includes:

  • A shadowy organization who has built a gigantic Hadron Collider
  • “Holy” Mountains holding portals to other dimensions
  • Nephilim “Hybrid” Giants
  • Ancient Megalithic Constructions
  • Secret societies holding cryptic knowledge
  • Transhumanism
  • Deep Underground Military Bases
  • The Gates to the underworld
  • Extradimensional god-like entities ruling this world
  • Their war against the Creator of all

We invite you to discover more in our Video Game, Novel Books and Graphic Novels. 

Thank you very much for your support!

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