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The A2 Ranks

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You get:
  • Deleted scenes
  • Behind the scenes discussions and commentary
  • Competitions and polls
  • Chapbooks and short stories
  • Each stage of the Audio book recordings
  • Special Character files and histories
  • access to the special "Hawk's Principle Players" list with detailed files about how each character was freed from the Agency and some secret extra bits that no one's seen yet.
  • digital Earth-Shadow calendars (with character birthdays on them)

The A1 Ranks

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Everything the A2s get plus:
  • Access to TSU game systems, such as the gambling card game Yen Saan (which Nama plays)
  • Regular videos showing the progress of the massive minecraft city replica of Araam (currently 2kms by 1km), and the opportunity to suggest buildings to be built into the city.
  • participating in the creation of canon cosplay standards for TSU! (Or at least being the first to see the standards become official)
  • access to write ups about the ancient myths and legends, and histories of TSU.
  • and write ups of some of the more detailed Behind the Scenes aspects of the stories, such as commentary on popular culture references, and philosophical underpinnings of certain parts of the story.

The A0 Ranks

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You get everything the A2s and A1s get, my undying gratitude and:
  • Sneak previews of future book excepts
  • Access to discussions of secret future story threads and characters
  • First look at the new star map and information about various planets that will turn up in the series later on.
  • And free TSU Agency stickers sent to you for decoration.




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About David Anaan Drake

Hello, an introduction is usually a simple thing but like one of my main characters, what name I use changes depending on the context. This isn't because I'm a double agent like the character, but because I'm in the process changing, from being "Ke-Yana Drake", female author of the Time Speaker series, and into a future where I will be David Anaan Drake, male author of the Time Speaker series. So, you can either call me K, or David, I'm cool with either.

I've been writing for almost thirty years. I've written six books and published two of them so far:

I'm also a massive world builder, so I've built up a lot of peripheral content with the Time Speaker Universe.

The Time Speaker Universe
TSU is special and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. I've deliberately created a universe where almost all of our known human bigotries don't exist. There are no words for things like homophobia, no distinction between gay, straight, bi or pan. All adult love is treated as a non-event. Same goes for gender identity, sex, race, neurodiversity, mobility. There's no need for words like trans or cis because you're just whatever gender you identify as, regardless of your born sex. For example, a woman is a woman, even if she's born with a penis. Your gender and your identity are inherently things defined only by you, not society.

I guess what I'm saying is that TSU has been designed and created (to the best of my ability) to be a haven for all of us who experience oppression in our real life. Imagine reading a book about a planet where you could live as yourself without oppression. Imagine there are characters who are just like you. Now imagine a whole universe like that, where true universal equal rights has already been fought for and attained thousands of years in the past. (Unless you're psychic and living in the country of Arana on Planet Shadow, then you're in trouble.)

Would you read this universe? Would you love it as much as I do?
I think, given the chance to read, you would. And guess what? This is the opportunity!

Why am I on Patreon?
The answer to this is two-fold. Primarily, as a part of my transitioning, I am relaunching the series under the new name, and with new personal pronouns, ranks and endearments for the third gender in my species (androgyne). To do this relaunch, as well as an actual relaunch party, I need some additional income, and perhaps some external feedback to ensure that TSU is as universally open as I intend it to be.

I'd always intended to come onto Patreon when I had a goodly amount of fans, but the reason why I've chosen to come here earlier than I intended is somewhat more personal. The truth is I need the ability to eat. A change in my circumstances and a lack of change in my government-supplied income have created a situation where I have less than half the money I need to eat properly on a weekly basis. So from August 2017 onwards I am literally the embodiment of the "starving artist" meme.

But you don't want to hear about my troubles... you want to hear about what you get out of signing up, am I right?

Toys, you get lots of toys
I have all of this unpublished stuff for TSU. Two calendar systems (one planetary, one interplanetary), an astrology system, card games, a four-dialect constructed language, star maps, I have massive character databases just languishing on my computer, I have deleted scenes, short stories, histories, mythology, religions, space ship designs, cultural norms and customs, cosplay, fifty-odd planets over half of which have their own culture and histories, and five distinctive sentient alien species... and I have five books that need to be properly edited and formatted for publication, as well as potential audio books that need recording once the editing has been done... that you can get first dibs at!

(When able, I'll put a link to a sample of Book One, Rise of Hawk, in here so you can see that I can actually write. On the website: https://davidanaandrake.wordpress.com/01-rise-of-hawk/)

There are so many toys for people to enjoy, while also loaning your enthusiasm to me to do the hard stuff and helping to feed a person on NZ's version of Disability. Patreon will give me the ability to share the joyous details and fun adventures, maybe some tiny spoilers of secret things, with people who would be interested, people who have experienced oppression and hurt, who would find joy and safety and belonging in TSU.

So, please, join us! It's going to be quite a ride!
$23.03 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 a month, I shall be able to eat properly and get back on my healthy food diet!
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