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How’s it going legends!

My name is David but I’m better known as bloop, and I’d like to give a huge thanks to you for coming to check out my work, and even going as far as looking at my Patreon page!I love making gaming content and that ranges in scope and variety. I grew up with video games and have been an avid retro game collector for years now; it had always been my dream to produce some content along the likes of some of the great stuff I’ve seen from some of my favourite creators. The idea of being able to play games and entertain people seemed like too awesome of a prospect to not shoot for! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect this journey to be easy, but I’m prepared to put in the hard work to do the activity that rewards me the most. So one day I just decided to start streaming games on Twitch… and since then it’s all I’ve wanted to work on. (Well I enjoy making music too…)

I am a variety streamer/gamer through and through! I like to play a lot of different games and have hundreds of titles in my collection. I definitely do get addicted to games but I cannot dedicate myself to only one, I like to range the vast vast feast that is all of gaming’s genres, so you never know what you might find in bloop city! One day I’ll be playing Warframe, the next I’ll be on F1 2018, and the next I’ll be on Final Fantasy XIV. There’s no limits here. Discovering new things is fun in my books!
Since becoming a Twitch affiliate, I’ve also started creating some YouTube-based gaming content. It has started with some live stream highlights, but I am hoping to branch out soon into some more structured, produced videos also. We also have a lot of fun hanging out as a community over in The Bloop Zone Discord server. Work is also currently being done for more great content in a bunch of formats: Written, video and audio… but that’s all stuff I need to keep hush on for the moment.

What does my Patreon money go towards?

As a patron, I consider you an honorary investor into my content. This means I consider all Patreon money should go towards business expenses and costs. To begin with, this will start with covering things like internet upkeep, stream service costs, hosting costs and the like. Once we continue past that point, it will go towards new upgrades for the stream, such as new equipment, games, giveaways or new cool ideas. One other important thing that your money goes towards, is it buys me the time to do this. I am self employed and earn my living literally by pumping time into my other business. It’s a meager living and I make very little, so the time I spend away from it on other activities needs to be justified and sometimes, when bills come in, I’m forced to spend time away from my gaming content to go work hard to earn the money for the bills. Having this base income can help to provide me with that added security in those times and will quite literally be my ticket to being able to transition my time from my current work, to the exciting world of being a content creator! Less time having to make money doing other things to pay my bills, means more time to make more gaming content!

Do I get any rewards for being a Patron?

Yes! The rewards you receive will depend on the tier you are on as a Patron, which is linked to the amount you spend per month. You can view the right hand tiers to see the specific rewards. Every backer no matter how large or small, will receive a special role in the Discord server that highlights them as a Patron. I also do Patron only member posts, that go a bit more behind the scenes into the stream. Like I said earlier, I consider my Patrons my honorary investors, so I like to do monthly updates where we go over the stats together. Any backer that pledges over $5 or more will also receive their name listed on all splash screens (ie. YouTube end screens, Twitch Be Right Back Screens, etc.) with their current Patron level listed. There are more rewards for higher levels so please make sure you double check which tier you wish to pledge to, should you decide to support!Overall though, I want to make sure that everyone that’s ever decided to view any of my content, whether it’s a YouTube video or a stream, whether you just tuned in and lurked or whether you pledge to help support me financially….I love all you guys. All of it helps me to achieve my dream of making this my job and I wanna know that if you cannot afford to support, never ever feel obligated. You are supporting already just by tuning in and (hopefully) being entertained!
$10 of $70 per month
This will help me to cover my internet costs so I can get access to and setup a high speed fibre connection for the best possible streaming quality and experience!
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