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About David Bohm Society

David Bohm was concerned about the future of humanity.  His proposals about how to address the incoherence that dominates culture remain vitally urgent.  We must explore and realize these proposals, and we must go beyond them.   

Perhaps the most concise summary of Bohm's proposals in this area is: "We could say that practically all the problems of the human race are due to the fact that thought is not proprioceptive." – David Bohm

A slightly longer summary would be: "If our troubles originate in a kind of 'ocean' of thought and language, in which we are submerged, but of which we are only dimly aware, it would seem reasonable to begin immediately to inquire into the actual function of our thought and language. To do this requires, of course, that we give this function our serious attention. We do give such attention to a vast range of things, including nature, technology, politics, economics, society, psychological problems, and so forth. Why should thought and language be the one field left to function automatically and mechanically, without serious attention, so that the resulting confusion vitiates most of what we try to do in all other fields?" – David Bohm

We can see that Bohm called for attention to the process of thought.  That's just the beginning.  His explorations went deep into the numerous blocks that prevent intelligence, communication, and coherent culture.  If we can't get together, think together, communicate without the usual blocks, and truly work together, then how will we be able to address anything of great significance together?

We must explore these proposals.  We must create living examples of what Bohm was pointing to.  We must have attractors out in the world so that people exploring along similar lines can find us and so that we can gather those very serious people. 

There is so much work that needs to be done.  Not only must we preserve Bohm's work and make it available to those who are interested, we must demonstrate and produce together a culture of ongoing learning and creativity free from the usual constraints of thought.  We must also document what we are doing and generate new material in various mediums. We can't just repeat Bohm's proposals.  We must realize them.  We also must create a body of work, of evidence, that can be used an example of what is possible and as an alternative to ideology.  This body of work must be comprehensive so that someone could look at it and really test it out for themselves.  The body of work would have to compete with ideologies without becoming one itself.  We must be creative and and find new ways to implement these proposals that work. Please join us on this journey and support us in the ways you are able to. 

We can't do this without your support.  Contact us, and start a conversation with us if you're interested in participating together in exploring these proposals.  Those of you who are able to support us financially please consider doing so.  Your generous contributions will be used to develop new material, support our numerous projects, work towards setting up several physical places to support the work, and the goal is to ultimately fund full-time work in these areas. 
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Our first goal is to reach 100 patrons.  Ultimately we need to support the work of several people working full-time to bring about a living example of what Bohm proposed.
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