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About David Bruce Composer

Hi. My name is David Bruce. I'm a composer and have been lucky enough to have performances in some great venues around the world, from Carnegie Hall in New York, to London's Royal Opera House. I started a YouTube channel to share my experiences, passions and knowledge as a composer. 
The videos cover a range of music-related topics, philosophical, technical and historical, but always aimed at being stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking. My aim is that they should be interesting not just to composers, but to anyone who's just really into music, whatever the genre. Previous videos include  How the Way you talk affects the music you writeIrrational Time Signatures and RhythmsWhy there is no Saxophone in the Orchestra or Composing With One Note . From time to time I also do interviews with musicians I'm working with and vlogs about my experiences as a composer. In my first few videos maybe I tried a bit too hard to be "funny", but I've learned that what really hits the mark is when I'm honest and passionate about what I'm talking about. The motto I have pinned to my wall is "only if you are genuinely excited" - as long as the topic I'm talking about excites me, I've learned others will find it interesting too (something I should have remembered from my old teacher at Royal College of Music, George Benjamin). 

I'll be adding lots of delicious extras for my patrons, behind the scenes posts, photos and videos, chances to interact and chances to influence the direction of future videos. I look forward to meeting you on the other side!


P.S. In case you were wondering, the reward level names come from some of my most frequently performed pieces! 

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