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About David Cernat

I've spent more than half of my life wishing Morrowind had multiplayer. After years of following attempts at it that never got anywhere, I had given up on the idea until last year, when news of TES3MP first surfaced.

Was this really it? Had someone actually come up with something playable? The anticipation built up to massive levels before it turned out the answer was – as expected – no. What we had was a demonstration of player synchronization where players never saw each other again after moving to another cell, nothing was saved, and nothing else in the world was synced.

I was, however, done waiting. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself or do everything you can to help the person working on it, so I did both. I realized that, despite everything that was missing or broken, the foundation and structure that Stanislav had built were actually brilliant, and OpenMW – the open source engine recreation of Morrowind that it was built upon – was even moreso. I thus started polishing the diamond in the rough that he had provided me with.

Fast forward to today. By contributing tens of thousands of lines of code, I've added the NPC, quest and world synchronization that people have wanted so much, along with state saving and loading and too many bug fixes to mention. As a result, TES3MP now looks like this:

With that, our project becomes the first genuine success among fanmade multiplayer projects for Bethesda games. A lot, however, remains to be done, and a lot of things in life can slow down a hobby project like this without some extra help.

You've waited a long time for this too. Now please help me finish it. In return, I'll provide you with the multiplayer experience you've always dreamt of.
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Help me upgrade my computer so I can compile TES3MP much more quickly and try out my new features and bug fixes without all the waiting that is usually required.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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