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  • plus irregular posts  on my assorted interests, behind-the-scenes on my writing, previews of my stories, sneak peeks at unedited roughs, outlines, and the sort of stuff that litters a writer’s desk - lists of names, snippets of descriptions, photo references, character sketches … 
  • ... and you’ll get mentioned in all my ebooks, by name, unless you prefer otherwise, as a sign of my gratitude.

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Members of the Brigade get one short story per month, in the 3000/4000 words range, or maybe something longer in two parts. I’ll deliver the story as an ebook by the end of the month.

At this level, you’ll also get polls, from time to time, to vote about genre and content of some of the stories - I like writing on demand.
And of course you’ll get to rummage through my drawers with the one buck crowd - you get all they get, plus the story, and 

  • FOUR Odds and Ends per month, posted weekly.
  • and at least one Nuts & Bolts article
  • a short podcast (around the 15th of the month)
  • the opportunity to suggest idea in the Open Outline project

The 10 Bucks Lounge

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You get all of the above, plus free copies of all my new self-produced ebooks.
Plus online chats using Google Hangouts, to talk whatever you feel like, from writing to cooking, trade book suggestions, gossip about common acquaintances, and what else.
Plus the opportunity of suggesting and voting ideas in the Open Outline project.
Plus, once per trimester, you can send me one of your stories or gaming scenarios, and I'll give it back to you with my annotations, for what they are worth. Not an editing, more like a brainstorming workshop.




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About Davide Mana

And welcome to my Patreon page. Thanks for visiting.
I'm Dave and I am a writer and game designer. I blog too, on a blog called Karavansara (in English) and a blog called strategie evolutive (in Italian). 
I write science fiction and fantasy, adventure and thrillers, often with a historical element. I blog about anything I like, along those same lines.
Maybe you've read some of my stories, or played some of my games, or visited my blogs, and that's the reason you are here.
Or maybe not. You're welcome anyway!

The reason why I am here, on the other hand, is to connect with my readers, in order to write more, and to write better.
I am a paleontologist and geologist by trade, and I worked for many years in academia. I always loved writing and reading fiction - it was my hobby. But when my job expired in 2014 (not many dinosaurs around anymore) I decided to start writing professionally, while I waited for the phone to ring and a new job to appear. The phone has not rung yet, and in the last two years I’ve been (barely) paying my bills with my writing and my translation work.

And really, it's so fun it's almost exhilarating, this writing business.
It's uncertain and risky, but it's lots of fun. For me and, hopefully, for my readers.
The reason why this Patreon page exists is, I'm trying to find more time to write, and I'm trying to keep the occasional bouts of panic at bay. 
No more fear of late payments, of disappearing clients, of sudden unexpected bills. No need to take time-consuming side jobs to avoid bankruptcy.
More tranquility, more time to write, to write more and to write better.
And thanks to you I will make it.

So, what's in it for you, when you join this Patreon thing?
I will post a lot of behind-the-scenes and notes, and character sketches and to-do lists and deleted scenes, photo references and fist uncorrected drafts... all the flotsam and the jetsam of a writing life. Just for you.
And I'll post new short stories, one per month, and you will see them here first.
In English, for sure, and also... ah, anche in italiano se qualcuno fosse interessato.
And you'll also get a first look at my new stuff.
This, for starters. Who knows what else we could start - a podcast would be fun, but that's just me. Got any ideas?
And most of all, do you feel like joining my community, read my stuff, and make it easier for me to live a panic-free writing life?
Believe me, this is going to be fun.
$209.05 of $250 per month
All bills paid, and a little to put aside as an emergency fund. A true breath of fresh air - and more time for writing and designing.
More time, meaning I could throw in a 20.000-words novella for all involved parties. OR a short-and-sweet, system agnostic game setting. What do you say?
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