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About David Leo Schultz

I’m an artist that is on a mission to bring stories, hope, humor, and compassion to a broken and hurting world through movies, podcasts, blogs, series, specials, & comedy.

You might know me from writing and directing movies like Ragamuffin and Brennan or acting alongside actors like Fred Willard and Chevy Chase.

I’ve narrowed down my missions focus to three categories:

1. Filmmaking - Writing, directing, acting, and producing movies, series, specials, and original stories.

2. Compassion - bringing a message of faith, hope, compassion, and God’s love to those who know they need it.

3. Comedy - I’ve spent too many years trying to “get” something from my comedy in my films, standups, sketch comedy and commercials. Success, a career, achievement, opportunities...I’ve decided to turn this pursuit upside down. ’m no longer seeking to “get”...I only want to give. They say that laughter is the best medicine. Well, I want to take this medicine where they need it most and can’t afford the opportunity to buy a ticket to a comedy show: homeless shelters, hospitals, group homes, prisons, etc…


To live these out, I’ve been making movies and running a streaming service at (RagamuffinTV.com) as a platform for my original content, hosting events to connect fellow ragamuffins (ragamuffinretreats.com), and have charity and compassion projects in the works at Ragamuffinnation.com

And now with The Ragamuffin Preacher, I’m sharing that love directly with you through blogs, podcasts, speaking engagements, and more.


This is all great right? One problem...I’m currently not able to put my 100% time and focus on this...because I can’t quit my day job because I’m providing for my family.

Help me quit my day job so I can focus on the mission I feel I was born to do. I need you to help me so I can help others.

Through Patreon, I’m offering you as a supporter even more content and access than I’m already giving away on www.theragamuffinpreacher.com. If you join any of the tiers, you get Exclusive podcast episodes only available to supporters. But the more you contribute, the more you get.

My biggest heart is letting everyone know they are loved- and these three areas (Filmmaking, Compassion, and Comedy) are the three tools on my tool belt that enable me to play my part in bringing hope to the hopeless.
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If we can reach 500 patrons, I can move to "part-time" at my current day job to focus on the mission of sharing hope, love, and compassion with people.
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