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I have over 25 years in education as an administrator, teacher and coach and I believe I have the experience and skills that the school district needs to be a highly effective superintendent or principal. I have experience in budgeting, grant writing, implementing grants and school improvement planning. My education experience has been working closely with the special education departments, counseling departments and even building relations with state and federal agencies to ensure a strong working relationship that benefits the school district. I am dedicated to education and a lifelong learner.
My experiences as an administrator throughout my career has provided me with the training and education that will help guide in decision making and communicating the needs of the district. I am a firm believer that all students can learn when provided instruction that meets their individual needs. I am a firm believer that all teachers and staff should be given opportunities to enhance or improve on their current teaching skills and professional growth is of the utmost important into today’s educational field.

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