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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page! Your monthly support helps me create peace and justice art to show that a more compassionate world is possible.  Here are two ways this will happen...

I create (write and/or illustrate) children's books to encourage young kids to be agents of creative peace and justice in the midst of a suffering world. Kids will be challenged to think critically, creatively, and take action. A big part of this is collaborating with other artists on book projects. If you want to collaborate with me, please let me know!

I also create art/cartoons at evokepeace.com that expose violence and exclusion while pointing toward a more compassionate world.

Peace-making (nonviolence)
anti-bullying, environmental issues,
inclusion, gender equality, empathy,
inter-racial appreciation, listening,
compassion, critical thinking

Kids are surrounded by media and role models that promote violence and exclusion.    Sure, some resources exist already, but we need more!

The closer I get to my goal, the more time I can spend creating, which will finally allow me to pump out some books.  I'll try to get books officially published, but if that doesn't work, I'll self-publish and books will be available on Amazon.

I'm a Taiwan-born American currently living with my wife in Japan.  I teach English and am using Patreon to free up more time for my creative projects.

I previously spent five years living and working in the slums of India. While teaching in a local education program and facilitating a peace education project, I grew to realize how powerful art and story can be for kids to imagine an alternative future where they can be agents of change in a world of violence and inequality.

My work is largely inspired by the spirit of Jesus, who invited us to a life of peace-making, inclusion and compassion for all people.  I've also been deeply shaped by my friends in the slums and others on the the margins who have taught me so much.
$0 of $1,300 per month
My goal is to spend 20 hrs/week creating.  The closer I get to my goal, the more freedom I'll have to do this.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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